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Aug 2, 2006 - Czech Republic - Teplice

We are now in Teplice as the weather was not as promising as we were hoping this morning. Because it was cold and better for driving than anything else we decided to take a scenic route just heading south of Cesky Krumlov and then west. The countryside was very beautiful in this region and comprised many pine forests which reminded us a little of Canada. All day the driving was scenic and we are not sure where we are staying tonight but it will probably be very near to here as tomorrow we are expected in Berlin.

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Jun 16, 2005 - do you bus?

another thing i've noticed about europe (besides the personal space infractions, incessant smoking, and techno remixes) is that no one buses their own table. now, i have nothing against this local custom, but i feel as though i'm committing some gross, consumerist sin by leaving my dishes on the table and walking away. i think we just have fanatical waitstaff nazis that have us all under a reign of terror, fearing for our lives should we not bring our dishes in. and the stares of amazement i get when i do bring my dishes to the counter....

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Jun 16, 2005 - a tale of two stations

[it was the best of times...] standing by the open window as my night train to munich streaked by the city of prague. the wind rushed through my hair, and i felt at peace. [it was the worst of times...] i felt at peace mostly because i was leaving prague! don't get me wrong. lovely, boheamian, unique city of wonder. but let's not forget that but 20 years ago communism ran rampant, and but 60 years ago nazis ran the place. i couldn't help but feel nervous. for starters, the police are EVERYWHERE. this is somewhat comforting given i'm a...

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