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Sep 17, 2016 - The Czech Republic

Hassfurt, Germany to Brod nad Tichu, Czech Republic - 127 miles, total to date = 858 miles Off early today, heading for the Czech Republic. Not sure what to expect when we get there, very much an unknown for us. At least Elsie seems happy with her new sensor. We are staying off the motorways as they get pretty boring & you don’t get to see much apart from cars & lorries. Mind you some of our most interesting times have been driving through towns what with narrow streets & a dyslexic sat/nav. No problems today as we are well out in the...

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Sep 19, 2015 - Looking for my Mom's Family in Plana, Czech Republic

We drove 6 hours today through the grape vineyards and produce fields in the hills of Germany....in the rain. We could have had it worse and been one of the workers out picking produce in the fields in torrential rains!!! Terry drove most of the time, but I took my turn and drove on the Autobahn where at times there is no speed limit. We were very lucky in that there was not a lot of traffic today. However, I had a driver come out of nowhere and try to cut me off, then pulled in front of me and slammed on his brakes! Luckily, I reacted and...

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