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Dec 5, 2010 - Olomouc - Dec 3-5

December 3, 2010 Today we were leaving Krakow and heading out of Poland and back into the Czech Republic. It was amazing how many people asked us if we were going to Prague but alas we were not – we were heading to Olomouc which most people won’t have heard of, including those who asked us about Prague! We’re heading out of Poland towards Vienna and along the way we cross the Czech Republic so we thought it might be good to stop along the way and both Olomouc and another city called Brno looked like good options. The weather was pretty bad...

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May 15, 2007 - Olomouc Region

The plan for today was to drive to the town of Olomouc (pronounced O-la-moats), stopping along the way to visit some more villages and (of course) cemeteries. On the way there we stopped in 3 villages where Grandpa Vykydal's ancestors were from. Pete has records of Vykydals living in the area since the 1700's. We went to cemeteries in all three towns and only found 2 graves that were Vykydals. Pete was disappointed. As we drove, we went through some villages that were trapped in old times and other villages that have really progressed....

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Sep 9, 2005 - Adrian: Olomouc

Our last major stop off before we hit Prague. We manage to find a room which later we find out is 15m away from a night club. Other than that it was a nice quiet little town and had a few nice places to see one which was a 14th century gothic church that had a particularly rare pipe organ. This thing was massive and would have been easily 15 ~20 meters long!!!! On our second day 50m to the righ of our room there were various band performances so most of the day we spent in the tents there listening to the music and getting pints of beer for...

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Sep 1, 2005 - Olomouc

Dobry den from the Czech Republic!! We arrived in this lovely, nontouristy town in the eastern part of the country yesterday and it is wonderful being here. The town is beautiful, clean, vibrant and very far off the tourist trail. There is not much to do here, which is nice in a way, it is simply very pleasant wandering around the streets and parks. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours in a very nice teahouse lounging on a carpeted platform with plenty of pillows. They had about 100 teas to choose from. We'll be back this afternoon. Our...

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