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Apr 10, 2012 - Lefkosia, Cyprus

4/10 Well, our plan to meet Valerie did not work...we waited until 11 but she did not appear. However, around 9:45 I saw a bus heading out of town w/ a gal in the back who looked just like her and she was standing up seemingly waving. We went across the street to the internet until 2:30pm when we returned to the bus station. Surprize, there she was having just returned from her bus trip w/ school children to several of the sites in the area! And, yes, it was her I saw in the bus but she was unsuccessful in stopping the driver so she had...

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Apr 24, 2011 - Cyprus

A brief history lesson….. After changing hands many times (Greek/Roman/Byzantine), Cyprus was under Ottoman rule from 1570 until 1878, when the Turks sold it Britain. Civil war occurred intermittently until it gained independence from Britain in 1960. The northern half came under Turkish occupation in 1974. Those in the south are justifiably upset by such occupation, but fail to acknowledge the coup launched from mainland Greece which killed many Turkish Cypriots and precipitated the occupation. The result is a nation divided by the UN...

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