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Feb 27, 2017 - drive to Remedios

Today was billed as a major driving day - 150 miles. It did take most of the day with some interesting stops along the way. We drove the main east - west road in Cuba. It was two-lane with no shoulders. We slowed down regularly waiting to pass horse drawn vehicles. If more Cubans owned cars or motorcycles this drive could have been a real nightmare, but since hardly anyone does, we cruised along at just under 50mph. Today's drive highlighted a major problem Cuba needs to overcome. Transportation. There isn't any. No one owns a car, the...

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Feb 18, 2010 - Santa Clara to Remedios

Feb 18 - Santa Clara to Remedios A private car was arranged to drive us to Remedios today. A beat up 1980 Lada, affectionately called the rattle trap by past owners like Joanne, came to the door in the afternoon. A young driver, another friend of a friend of the hosts, helped us with our luggage and away we went full steam ahead stopping only for a quick photo of a monument to the train wreck that triggered the final battle for independence. The driver drove far too fast for our liking, but thanks to the lack of traffic, we managed to get...

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