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Nov 30, 2011 - My Week With Ben in Costa Rica

It has been quite a crazy last week since Ben arrived. Ben arrived safely and we had a crazy night on the town which ended with me losing my bank card and Ben chipping his front tooth half off - thankfully Stacey is able to get me a new card and send it out to me once I land somewhere with an address for more than a week. In the meantime Ben is covering all the cash expenses and I am helping him chew his food. We stayed in San Jose for one night before taking a bus to Montezuma which is a smaller town but very popular with tourists. It is a...

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New Start 2012

Apr 17, 2010 - Montezuma - Pics Need Captions

4/17 Before departing SJ we opt to go to the Pre-Columbian Gold and Costa Rican Currency Museum...a good choice, see pics. Animal representations very common: frog, butterfly, dragonfly, lizard, chicken, armadillo, jaguars, alligators, turtles, spiders, fish, lobster, crab...bring power/prestige to wearer. The gold figures are very distinct and detailed. Very worthwhile visit. Later the bus to Puntarenas is late getting in so we miss the connection w/ the ferry by 20 min...next one at 5 pm. Met Mario Zingo who was an AFS student in Ft...

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Mar 31, 2010 - Out of town & the unique animals of Costa Rica!

Up at the usual six o'clock with our last day in Montezuma. I am going to miss the wake up calls of the birds and monkeys. It is a very unique place and the beaches and animals and everything in-between are amazing. We started the day with an incident of our veranda, kitchen common area. A lizard almost was the breakfast of this vibrant green vine snake, about three feet long, but lucky for the lizard that hung for its life for over 40 min, it was to much of a mouthful for this snake and it dropped away. Then we were entertained by a family...

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Mar 29, 2010 - The Island Of Tortuga! (Paradice)

Today was a full day adventure. I have been dying to go to the island of Tortuga since I first read about it in 2006. I had to twist Roxanne´s arm to go, but she was glad she went. She said it was the most gorgeous tropical island she has been to, and loved the snorkel trips as well. We went with ZumaTours as Captain Ivan and the crew have the best boats and are highly recommended by the Luna Llena as well. ( www.ZumaTours.net) The cost is 45 bucks each and that includes, lunch, snorkel gear, park fees, unlimited fruit juice , water and two...

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Mar 28, 2010 - Music & The Waterfalls!

Yesterday we putted around town then went out for dinner at the Italian pizza rest. They had a nice group playing old Fleetwood Mac songs. The band was Mom, Dad and the son on bass. We loved it , they were great and the pizza was good too. No water for the bathroom so we had to go down the street to the bar... LOL and they did not sell beer so we were forced to drink a Margareta. Today Rox went to a fellow's house we met on the street to see about getting a custom made ring. He had a 5 million dollar walk on white sand beach right off his...

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Mar 25, 2010 - We Have Landed In Montezuma!

After one cab from Samara to Nicoya and one long bumpy bus ride we made it to Montezuma in about five hours. There was a 20 min lunch break along the way that was alright with us. The bus was full so all of our luggage had to go on the roof rack of the mini bus. This was a bit of a concern as we hoped the bags were tied on good! The bags made the trip but we followed one other bus along the dry dirt road to Montezuma so a lot of dust was blown on our bags. The trip was very scenic and it was a road we had not been on before. The bus came...

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Jun 25, 2009 - Heading to Panama by bus

Just a quick entry, we are leaving tonight on the 11:00 pm bus to Panama City. It is a 15 hour bus ride. Spent a couple of days in San Jose, Costa Rica and we where able to get our yellow fever shots. Thankfully there were no ill effects. Time to supervise Cory and Elaine packing up, so my next entry will be from Panama.

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Jun 17, 2009 - TV STARS

We got up early to watch the sunrise. It does seem illogical after our party night, but had been told how amazing they are. Eagle Scout Mike was up, and we were able to get the camera working to get some photos. We returned to bed for a couple more hours. As much has we have described how nice Lucy’s is, the beach is lacking, and it is not possible to go swimming out front. Fortunately Playa Grande is just up the beach. Cory and Elaine headed off on a 90 minute walk. It was a most enjoyable walk and at many times they were the only ones...

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Jun 16, 2009 - Waterfalls

After checking in we decided to head off to the local waterfalls. We had read about them in our guidebook, and they are just up the street from Lucy’s. It was not a very long hike. There were times we faced challenges, as we had to manoeuvre over rocks and branches and through the river. Cory once again proved to be an excellent guide assisting Elaine by telling her where to step. Along the way we lost Pedro as he went ahead. Anna stopped every so often as she spotted monkeys and crabs and all sorts of interesting wildlife. There was a...

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Jun 16, 2009 - I LOVE LUCY

We had a good nights sleep, woke up before the 6:00 am alarm and headed off to the ferry terminal that was listed in our Lonely Planet Guide book. Guess what? It wasn’t there! Puntarenas had gone from two ferry terminals to only one. We caught a taxi to the right terminal and were greeted by a young couple that had been waiting for an hour having missed getting their vehicle on the 6:00 am ferry by 2 cars. We visited with them until it was time for our 9:00 am departure. Their names are Anna and Pedro and they are friends travelling...

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Jul 31, 2008 - Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

We are moving really quickly around Costa Rica...thanks to the rental car which is a real treat and a novelty for backpackers. After a couple days up in the mountains, we decided to jet back to the beach and explore the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast. As we wound our way down through the mountains, the weather began to warm up and the ocean views started revealing themselves. We spent a day at Samara Beach surfing and enjoying the warm weather again. Then we made our way down the coast to Montezuma which is a cute little coastal town...

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May 3, 2008 - Costa Rica 1

We arrived in Puntarenas, Costa Rica early in the morning and as soon as we got off the ship found a taxi to take us to the ferry in order to get to the small town called Montezuma. Most people who were looking to party went to the town Joco but we decided that it would be much more pleasurable and memorable to go to a small town away from most of the SAS students. So we boarded the ferry right in time and it took about an hour to get across to the other side. When we arrived we hired two cab drivers to drive us another hour to the town....

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