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Jul 1, 2008 - San Jose

San Jose. a dismal city, im not liking the cities of central america. our guides swopped over today and im glad of it. Dawna, our panamania guide was very cagey over the boarder i thought that it was caution, knowing these places are bad for tourists. no she was pàcking several kilos of weed. im now indirectly accessory to the drugs trade. Humph, not happy at all. went white water rafting yesterday and it was amazing seeing the interior of the rainforest, it pissed down with rain but being wet wasnt an issue, we arrived at our hotel in...

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May 20, 2008 - Turrialba - excitement on the Rio Pacuare

The Rio Pacuare is the foremost white water rafting river in Costa Rica with rapids from grade I to IV. As first timers we experienced a steep learning curve when, at one point, the raft became lodged and then half submerged against a large boulder in one of the rapids. Abandoning the raft by climbing on to a rock in the middle of the river was our only option! We continued our 20km journey without further incident, enjoying the adrenaline rush of the rapids. A grand day out through stunning scenery.

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May 1, 2008 - Quepos to San Jose

Hi All, Today was our trip back to San Jose. We took a taxi to the bus terminal. Six of us were leaving at 9.30am and the rest later in the day. We took a public bus which was fine. It was not air conditioned, but the windows were open and we got enough fresh air. The trip took four hours and went from the west coast to the middle of the country through the central mountain range. When after an hour more passengers came on the bus, a man with 'pipa fria' for sale in small plastic bags came in the bus and sold quite a few. Pipa...

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Apr 30, 2008 - Our Day on the Water

Hi Everyone, Fan herte lokwinske Siepie mei dyn 65ste jierdei!!!! Today pick up at 8am. We had a great breakfast. This hotel "Romantica" has an enormlus breakfast with lots of choices and German breads. We are off kayaking this morning. Our guides were two young guys named Rambo and Manueletta (their nick names). We had a short drive which might take longer we were told because of the "Oh my God" bridge that we had to cross. The bridge has gotten this name because of the construction work that is going on and the resulting long line up...

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Apr 29, 2008 - Manuel Antonio Park and Beach

Hello All, Breakfast at our hotel "Villa Romantica" was really good with lots of choice! Seven of us took the 8am local bus to Manuel Antonio. We hired a guide and went for a good two hour exploration through the park. Of course we saw monkeys: the white faced monkey and the howler monkey. The white faced monkey is very smart and we were warned not to leave clothes and bags unattended at the beach because the monkeys will open the bags and take out money etc. The howler monkey makes a real howling wind sound. We saw two and three-toed...

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Apr 28, 2008 - Travel to Quepos.

Hello, Starting time was 8.30am. A long bus ride from the mountains down to the Pacific Ocean. Leaving Monteverde we drove over very rough gravel roads again. We are getting used to it! After the tractor massacre from a few days ago, gravel roads do not feel so bad. By the way, have we told you that we have not had any rain for the last 4 days? No rain since we left Rara Avis. We read in a paper here that the rainy season is supposed to start early (like right now) and will be nasty. The scientists don´t understand why it has not started...

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Apr 22, 2008 - Rara Avis

Hello, Up at 6.00am and have a first look at our surroundings! A very lush and wet environment. We went birdwatching. That was a great experience. It was dry and quite clear. Our ¨hotel¨ manager was our guide and again very knowledgable. We saw lots of birds: a violet-headed hummingbird, tropical kingbird, a chestnut-headed oropendula, a blue and grey tanager, a female black and yellow tanager, a shining honey creeper, a green honeycreeper, a scarlet rump tanager, a clay-coloured robin and a green crown brilliant hummingbird. The...

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Apr 21, 2008 - Tortuguero to Rara Avis (The Tractor Massacre)

Breakfast at 6.30am and at seven in the boat. This was a more comfortable boat with separate seats versus benches. A long boat ride to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui (not Puerto Veijo de Talamanca where we were before). Puerto Viejo means Old Port. On the way we saw crocodiles again; a very large one and a small baby cayman - very impressive animals. We went through the Colorado River, then the San Juan River which is on the border with Nicaragua. For a little while we were in Nicaragua and had to stop at the border coast guard. The guards wore...

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Apr 17, 2008 - Cartago

It was a lazy morning in Puerto Viejo, so Karen and I went to Bread and Chocolate for breakfast. We dropped off two from our tour, Antoinetta and Monica, at Cahuita and continued the long trip to San Jose. It was to be 4 hours, but we convinced everybody to take a detour through Cartago to see the cathedral and Maria Negro, the black Mary. The roads reminded Karen and I of those on our trip out to the Pacific coast - narrow, windy, just not as congested. The trip was worth it though. The interior of the church was fantastic... beautiful...

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Trip Journal

Costa Rica 2008

Apr 9, 2008 - San José - Finally!

Hola! We just returned from a nice stroll in the metropolian of San Jose, much like downtown Halifax but with much more traffic, more one way streets, many more people and life threatening crosswalks! But first ... how did we get here .... Yesterday we awoke at 4:00 am to make our 7:15 flight ... or so I thought ... 5:45 we get to the electronic ticket counter at Continental Ariways ... " please see tell" .. hmmm ... she informs us the 6:15 flight is now closed! Manon´s heart dropped ... the trip is now over ... but we kept it together and...

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Apr 3, 2008 - Manuel Antonio National Park

Beutiful beaches at this park. The bus runs from Quepos to the park every 30 minutes and costs 110 colones, which is about 20 cents. Our first night in M.A., a group of us took the bus to the beach, where I proceeded to fall asleep. But thanks to copious amounts of sunblock, I didn´t burn.... Woke up in time for a beautiful sunset. We ended up getting nachos and drinks at one of the many restaurant-bars that line the beach. Happy hour. The next day I lounged at the Mono Azul. After lunch I took the bus into Quepos and bought a few things,...

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Apr 2, 2008 - Quepos

Quepos is a small city in the middle of Costa Rica´s Pacific coast. It was built in the 1940s as a company town by United Fruit Company, as a port for shipping bananas. The banana trees were destroyed by some kind of blight in the 1950s and now the grow oil palms instead. Quepos isn´t too bad of a town, but I don´t know if anyone would necessarily go there if it weren´t for the beaches and the national park down the road at Manuel Antonio. We had a long, bumpy ride to our hotel - the Mono Azul (Blue Monkey), which is halfway between Quepos...

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