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Feb 9, 2014 - Cano Negro cruise

After torrential rains most of the evening, we awoke to sun and a glorious view of the Arenal volcano. The soil here is very red due to the volcanic eruptions and it is great for growing bananas, plantains, oranges for juice, and sugar cane made mainly into brown sugar. This is a very unusual resort as there are duplex-type units that all face the volcano. Our rooms are very spacious but the unique feature is the bathroom. It is like an extension of the room with a corrugated roof that allows the rain to come in and water the plants that...

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Feb 7, 2014 - Volcanos, bus rides, and coffee

Today begins the Caravan Tours bus journey. Essentially for the next week we will be on the road traveling with a group of 44 fellow Costa Rican explorers. All of these explorers have in common an interest in seeing the natural flora and fauna that Costa Rico is noted. What we are learning is that traveling with 44 people of various ages, energy levels, degrees of mobility, appetites, and tolerances for others will be part of our Costa Rican experience. Tonight at dinner our turtle expedition group was beginning to compare notes on some of...

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Feb 26, 2013 - Last Day Lafontuna.

We had fun in this little town. Weather was great. Very hot. Just putted around the town getting cold drinks and listening to some live music. Watching the clouds form around the volcano is quite the show. Off to Samara at 8am after our free breafast. Nice Brad

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Feb 25, 2013 - Arenal

Just arived after a six hour bus ride in Lafotuna. Back were sore. Good news we got upgraded to the junior suit! Ya! The queen sized bed! And it faces the volcano. Great bed for our weary backs. Live festivals in town for two weeks so we get some live music free. Nice. What a change ion drivers attitude, very calm and polite in Lafontuna and pedestrians first. Puerto Viejo cars first and you look out for them!!! Just went out for dinner at a local soda paid $6 for fish , mashed potatoes ,tuna salad, rice , beans and a fried banana. Could...

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Jan 20, 2013 - Rain forest cafe

Had a nice breakfast at the Rain Forest Cafe It was supposed to have fabulous coffee but I liked the coffer we had at the restaurnat last night where they made in front of you. The meals have been really good. Lots of beans and rice. Roberta and Larry

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Jan 18, 2013 - La Fortuna

Hi Everyone, Not able to access internet for awhile but am borrowing a small computer for now. We have moved from Puerto Viejo to La Fortuna and it is similar to Banff. Very touristy with lots to do and many shops. Are both doing well. Off to waterfall rappell today then white water raft tomorrow. Raining today but still warm. Talk to you all again soon. Larry and Roberta

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Nov 24, 2012 - Monteverde – Näbelwald

Wo simmer stoh bliibe? Ah jo: Mit eme Bad im ene Flüssli – Grösseornig Birsig – hämer unsere Uffenthalt z La Fortuna usklinge losse! Ufghaizt vom Vulkan hoggt me in der dampfende Strömig, und domit s nit ganz stoggdunggel isch, wärde Daschelampe rundumme glegt. D Ticos illuminiere dört au mit Kerze. Dangg Cerveza Imperial git s e kurzi Nacht und per Bus goht s an und per Schiff über e See. Me befindet sich in ere Mischig vo Ämmitau und schottisch Highlands garniert mit ere Bryse Dschungelvegetation und abgschmeggt mit e paar Sunnestrahle....

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Nov 21, 2012 - Adventure, Ticos und Tacos

Mit La Fortuna hämmer unser Hauptquartier zum erschte Mool im ere veritable Tourischte-Hochburg ufgschlage. Die Plätz umschiffe mer sunscht, aber au jetz isch es nit so schlimm wie s dönt, do nit Saison isch. Zuedäm git s do e vyylfältig Agebott an Aktivitäte in der Natur, sofärn me nit wasserschych isch. So simer denn au nach eme intensive Morge pflutterpflätternass wider im Hotel glandet. D Alexandra isch drum im gröschte Schiff hoch zu Ross underwägs gsi und het d Gegend um e Vulkan unsicher gmacht. Y mues do nomol betone, ass das zwoor...

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Nov 20, 2012 - La Fortuna – d Vulkän Arenal und Cerro Chato

E Wolkering um e Gipfel vor blauem Himmel, das mues der Arenal sy! Mir sin geschter also im wunzige Stedtli La Fortuna diräggt am Fuess vo däm Vulkan akoo und gniesse vom Hotelzimmer us e grandiose Blick druf. Är isch numme um die 7000 Joor alt und ain vo de aktivschte vo der Wält, isch aber syt öppe 2 Joor zimmlig ruhig, so ass mer kaini Fyyrspiil beobachte könne. 1968 het är aber mächtig Dampf abgloo und derby zwai Dörfli zerstört, also me ka nit sage, ass es numme haissi Luft syg. La Fortuna. Mir erfahre die Kräft Arenal uf e agnähmeri...

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Jul 28, 2012 - Into hot water

Not far away as the crow flies is La Fortuna which shares views of the same volcano - so back onto the 30kms of dirt to a dam and a boat crossing followed by a hike up to the road - Fabian took pity on me and carried my bag - so I told Halli I would help her - when I picked up her bag it was so much lighter than mine that I 'sprinted' up the hill with it. Our most modern hotel yet very western but still extra for air conditioning. I think the only reason the town exists is to service tourists you used to be able to hike up the mountain and...

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Mar 14, 2012 - On our way home :(

March 13; We tossed around the idea of a mangrove tour or maybe take the bus to Uvita but in the end decided to just relax. It was so hot even I couldn't sit in the sun but think I managed to burn my shins anyway. Later in the afternoon we caught the bus to town, did a bit of walked around and went for dinner where I had one last pineapple smoothie without sugar. They love to add sugar to everything. I always get questioned when it's passion fruit or lemon but it's all better without sugar.

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Mar 5, 2012 - La Fortuna, haven for adrenalin junkies

March 3 continued; First stop was to drop off laundry then to a tour office to arrange what we'll be doing for the next three days. After being overwhelmed by all the choices we checked into our hotel and spent the next couple hours just relaxing by the pool. The 1.5 km walk into town was just enough to develop an appetite for dinner and the walk back helped wear it off. Sunday, March 4 I was up stupidly early so decided to wash yesterday's clothes in the bathroom sink and hang them out. We were at breakfast by 6:45 and no one else showed...

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