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Jul 22, 2006 - CHINA - Dali, Old Village

We finally arrived in Dali after a very long journey! We flew from Xian to Chongqing, then took the 22 hour sleeper train to Kunming followed by a 5 hour bus journey to Dali! The train wasn't as bad as I was expecting, we decided to rough it and take the hard sleeper rather than the "Luxurious Soft Sleeper"! The train was fine, our compartment had 6 bunks, I was on the bottom bunk which suited me as I could wedge my bag underneath my bunk along with my little china teaset, which I purchased in Xian.....don't know what I was thinking buying...

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Oct 5, 2004 - CHINA: Hello Dali Again

Copyright 2004 David Rich 1000 Words jdavidrich@yahoo.com CHINA: H e l l o D a l i A g a i n You can't go home again or to the same city in China twice because China is changing faster than autumn leaves. I'd first seen Dali in 2001, then a charming little town with one street of tourist shops, a few Western tourists and a few little old ladies hawking hookers and herb. This time around Dali had exploded with wall-to-wall emporiums and streets crammed with what seemed China's entire population during its annual October holidays. Dali no...

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