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Jun 3, 2018 - The wild wild West

Turpan is a city both alert and alarmed. After a terror attack two years ago every hotel, government building, bank etc. has a sliding armed barrier you can’t pass without identification. The roads have regular road blocks and there are armed guards everywhere. There’s a different feel about the city. Not nearly as well presented and maintained and hot, very hot. Windows not cleaned, fountains not working, no beds of annuals, cracked and broken footpaths. Uygurs comprise 78% of the Turpan population. Our hotel room has a lovely old arched...

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Aug 23, 2017 - Kashgar, Xinjiang autonomous region

Kashgar is one of those magical names from history largely because of its Silk Road association as well as its ancient Sunday livestock market, of which more later. Today sinosisation of the wild-west frontier town where Russian influence meets Chinese power is well advanced under the current government policy of moving in Han Chinese people to rebalance the pre-existing indigenous Uyghur ethnic population. This 'modernisation' programme has almost obliterated the character of the old city as original brown adobe buildings are replaced with...

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Jul 2, 2011 - Kashgar

At the cross road of the North and Southern Taklamakan routes, Kashgar is a major stop on the Silk Road... China seems so far... Beirut is now closer than Beijing and the statue of Mao on the main square is the powerful reminder that we are still in China. Here Uighur, Kyrgyzs, Tajiks and Kazakhs are giving a complete different picture of China. This is due to change very soon, considering the major investments made, the establishment of a special economic zone and the increasing number of chinese Han sent to the area.

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Jun 5, 2011 - 5 June Kashgar

Well, latest update on Juan and Asima is that Juan wasn't able to get her going again but managed to get towed to the Kyrgyzstan border late Friday. Unfortunately, the border is closed for the weekend and also on Monday as it is a public holiday here. So he is stuck at the border until Tuesday. He has been able to arrange with the Chinese government to transport the truck from the border to Kashgar where hopefully it will be possible to repair it. Al has made arrangements for us to leave Kashgar tomorrow (Monday) by train to Urumqi (25 hr...

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Jun 4, 2011 - May 31 - Trip to Kashgar

Back in the land of internet (in China now), and have we had some fun and games over the last few days! We left Bishkek on Tuesday heading towards China via Kochkor and the 3,552m Torugart pass. The trip to Kochkor was uneventful, as was our homestay with the same family we stayed with a few days earlier. Early on Wednesday 1 June we set off on the 625km trip to the Chinese border, intending to bush camp on the way to break the journey. The scenery was again magnificent with snow capped mountains all around (part of the Tien Shan mountain...

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Jul 5, 2010 - Silk Road -- Kashgar and Kalakuli Lake

I am having a WONDERFUL TIME!!!! I don't know how much I've discussed this, but a big part of the program I'm on is this Silk Road history class with a corresponding 12-day Silk Road field trip. We left for Kashgar last Saturday. Kashgar is an incredible city in the northwest of China. The population is mostly Uyghur (pronounced Wee-gur) Muslims, so it feels much more like Central Asia or the Middle East than like China, or at least like an interesting hybrid. The main language spoke in Kashgar is Uyghur, which has no similarities to...

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Aug 29, 2009 - I'm back but will be out orf contact for 10 days

Hey I'm back in the land of the electronic age - we were in north west china for the past two weeks so no email - phone or news allowed so much to write but will not be able to get to it until tomorrow as there are other waiting for this one computer in our hotel which is lovely - swimming pool and all went for a dip earlier. have got a couple of days here so should be able to update the blog but for now it's off to a very comfortable bed that's two comfortable beds in two nights - a record!! I'm actually in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan will leave...

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Aug 23, 2009 - Kashgar

Left Hotan and our next camp spot appeared to be idealic - by river no where near the main road - beautiful - unfortunately the dirt road we took was being used by truck going to a nearby quarry and guess what in China they work 24/7 so my tent was about 2meters from the road and all night I thought I was going to be runover by one of the trucks - tried stuffing my ears with toilet paper helped just a little -not too many people got much sleep. I did however get a river swim in my t-shirt and knickers so warm and I actually felt clean...

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Sep 26, 2008 - Kashgar, China

UPDATE 5-11-19: Read in CNN: China is Attempting to Remain "Pure" Han by Sacrificing Minorities —- 9-26-08 Up at 5, breakfast incl milk rice which was very good w/ the raspberry jam that came w/ - Bon doesn't eat this early so lucky me, yeah!~ Pulling out at 6, the dawn lite was just arriving so once we reached the 'road' to the border(very much under construction or non existant) we got a great view the whole way of a beautiul, wide dry valley - small stream snaking it's way back & forth, and across the valley white mtns, their jagged...

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Jul 18, 2008 - Kashgar, China

Kashgar!!! This place is great! It is by far my favorite city in China. Much slower pace and really good food and culture. We are staying at the Qini Bagh Hotel which was the old British Consulate. Pretty cool. The highlights were the Uighur people, Uiger food, ridng bikes, sunday market, the sunday animal market and drinking really good coffee! See pictures and more details at: http://picasaweb.google.com/clayanddonna

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May 23, 2008 - Sandstorm: Tashkurgan - Kashgar

In the morning there was mercifully no sign of the man from Hanoi when I got on the bus to return to Kashgar. It was slightly clearer weather than yesterday and the mountains looked better than ever. A quick and reckless trip back to Kashgar saw me there just after lunch. In the late afternoon the sky darkened and the wind picked up. Within a few minutes visibility had dropped to a few hundred meters and there was dust and sand flying about everywhere and the streets had emptied. The gale rattled the windows in my room for about an hour and...

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Trip Journal

Chris's 2008 Jaunt

Oct 25, 2007 - Irkeshtam - Kashgar, Kina

Kashgar, Xinjian provinsen i Kina. Endelig sivilisasjon! Dog, sivilisasjon ala Kina. Kina har det med aa vaere usivilisert paa sin maate. Kina tok Xinjian fra Uighur-folket og henretter dem i hopetall naar de vil ha tilbake landet sitt. Uighur-folket flykter dermed inn i sentralasia. Vi moette paa et par i Usbekistan og Kirgisistan. Og Kineserne sier det saa fint til BBC: "Only we, the Chinese, know what is going on inside our country. We don't want the outside world to interfere. The Chinese government is working for the happiness and...

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