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Dec 18, 2013 - Shanghai on our own --Buddhism

After our Affordable Asia tour ended, we had 3 extra days in Shanghai before we left for London. We used taxies to get around. We were afraid to try the public transportation because we neither understand any of the Chinese symbols. We moved to a less expensive hotel in the French Quarter where there was a French Pastry Shop next door to the hotel. Dick nearly overdosed with pastries and breads freshly made each morning. We visited a shopping mall that was about 2 blocks away. Prada, Gucci, and lots of other designer stores. It was amazing...

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Dec 16, 2013 - Suzhou--The Venice of the Orient

We took a bus to the town of Suzhou which Marco Polo deemed "The Venice of the Orient." It is located in the Yangtze delta. There are ancient stone bridges, pagodas, and classical gardens. We visited an Oriental Garden and took a boat ride down the Grand Canal.

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Dec 16, 2013 - Oriental Garden in Suzhou

The smaller sized Chinese Gardens, such as the one we saw, were generally created by intellectuals, artists, scholars, government officials, soldiers, etc., for places of contemplation and relaxation. Most of these gardens were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution of Mao. These gardens typically are surrounded by a wall, and include water ponds, rock formations, trees, and flowers. There are usually a number of halls or gazeboes which are connected by winding paths. The first gardens of this type date back two centuries BC. The garden...

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Dec 15, 2013 - Shanghai Dec. 15 to 20

We flew from Xian to Shanghai (2 hour flight). The first evening in Shanghai, we settled into our hotel. We had broken our camera, so we got directions to an electronics store to purchase a new one. The good news is that the taxi prices in Shanghai are very cheap. Only about $3 US for a 20 minute cab ride. The bad news is that the tariffs and duties on electronics is extremely high. We paid about $500 US for a camera that we could have bought in the US for under $200. I see now why the Chinese students who come to camp always want to go...

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Dec 15, 2013 - The City of God Temple

Next, we stopped at the City of God Temple. This was originally a Taoist temple. Shopping venues sprouted up around the temple and today this area is considered "Old Shanghai". It has the ancient buildings, streets, etc., and gives a flavor for what Shanghai was prior to modernity. We stopped in few shops, but we were on a tight schedule, so we returned later, after our "Affordable Asia" tour completed. We bought a few souvenirs. Decided not to eat at the street vendor's shops. We ate at Dominoes Pizza! Pretty good for Chinese Pizza!

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Dec 15, 2013 - Shanghai Museum

Today we visited the Shanghai Museum. It displays ancient arts, bronzes, ethnic clothing, masks, etc. Many beautiful items. Next we visited the City God's Temple and the Bund. On the Bund (Riverwalk) we took a boat trip up the Huang Pu River to see the sights. On the left bank, we were able to see the Financial District with all its new high rise buildings. The buildings are beautiful and a real credit to the city. On the right are the older buildings from the colonial period. These buildings have been preserved and are on the Chinese...

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Dec 15, 2013 - Silk factory

We stopped at a silk factory to see how silk is harvested and fabrics are created. There are two kinds of silk harvested. One is from the silk worms that spin single larvae cocoons. These cocoons are unraveled and the silk "threads" are wound together to make thread, then woven into fabric. The second type of silk is harvested from "double cocoons." These are cocoons which contain 2 larvae in one cocoon--twins. These cannot be unraveled because the two cocoons are intertwined to the point they cannot be separated. Instead, these cocoons...

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Dec 15, 2013 - Huang Pu River Cruise

Huang Pu River divides Shanghai into two parts: Pudong (dong means East) and Puxi (xi means west). Until about 20 years ago, the East side of the river was a slum. Today it is the priciest part of Shanghai. It is the financial district with many high rise buildings.

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Dec 14, 2013 - Arrival in Shanghai

Upon arrival in Shanghai, we realized our camera was broken. It would no longer focus. So... we got directions to an electronics store about a 20-minute cab ride away. First the good news. The cabs in Shanghai are subsidized by the government, so the 20-minute ride cost only about 14 Chinese Yuwan. American, that's about $2.35. We took a lot of cabs while we were in Shanghai, especially after our "tour" with Affordable Asia ended. Our longest trip was to the airport--50+ miles-which cost about $30 US. Now the bad news. Even though many...

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Nov 28, 2013 - Shanghai/Nanning

Booked Marvel Hotel in Shanghai for one night through Agoda for $92, glad we did considering the horror night we’d had on the train. Very swanky place which usually charged $210pn. First the key card to the room was faulty, consequently the security guard had to let us in. We then went looking for cheaper rooms, looked at 8, all a bit grotty and still expensive. Had problems getting back into the posh hotel as security didn’t recognise us. Second problem was the faulty router (only took 2 hours, 4 staff and numerous phone calls to ascertain...

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Nov 1, 2013 - Shanghai

On Thursday we headed out to Xian airport and on the way visited the emperor Hanyangling's Tomb which was discovered when they were building the expressway to the airport. It has lots of what they call the "little warriors" as well as many clay animals for the emperor to feast on in the afterlife. The warriors are much smaller than the terracotta warriors and their arms were made of wood and they were dressed in silk robes which have all rotted away. Xian is a lovely city particularly around where we were staying but unfortunately we...

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Oct 28, 2013 - Shanghai

Day 12/13: Sunday/Monday, October 27/28th Shanghai was a definite highlight of our trip and a city that it might be fun to return to some day. We arrived Sunday evening and, after checking into our hotel, proceeded to a local restaurant for dinner. It does seem like we were always eating on this trip doesn’t it? Most of the group on our tour bus (B) plus a few people from Bus A had chosen to go on an optional tour to see the lights of Shanghai from the city harbor so after dinner we were transported to the dock where we boarded a lovely old...

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