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Apr 23, 2009 - I went to Kunshan

I went to kunshan to go to lilis orphanage, and when we walked in it was beautiful! there was a banner and other stuff i got to see the babies. there was this one baby it was soooo cute! it was in a green sweater. There were some babies that were special needs. it was really sad. WHat i thought was really cool was that they had a girl that was lilis age who was a special needs child that was at the orphinage when she was. I thought that was cool she was more towards the blind side:( Maxine

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Return to China 2009

Apr 21, 2009 - Kunshan

Today was our day to visit Kunshan. Kunshan is a city of about 650,000 people. Many businesses / factories are located here because of it's proximity to Shanghai (only 1 hour away) and its low cost work force. Also many Taiwanese have located here along with their businesses. It is very large and yet clean. We passed an enormous public library. All the buildings look to be recently built. It took us a while to locate the SWI as so many roads have changed or are under construction. But we arrive and are greeted by Mr. Chen, the Director. As...

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Oct 5, 2007 - Shanghai, China

Visiting Shanghai was such a great experience, we almost considered getting off the cruise ship and staying on. As we sailed up the Huangpu River to where it meets the Yangtze, we took on immigration officials at 2am so that all the paperwork would be finished when our tour began at 7am. Since we have become geezers, we only get up early when we are on vacation, but this day of touring China's largest city was well worth it. Because it is still national holiday week here, our bus made it into town in record time without rush hour traffic....

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Apr 8, 2005 - Suzhou and Tongli

Location: Suzhou Soundtrack: The Lilac Time - Looking for a day in the night Reading: a teach yourself Chinese book I'm composing this in Suzhou station waiting room, where I have a 2 1/2 hour wait for my train to Shanghai. There are several Shanghai trains leaving before mine, but my grasp of Chinese at best only finds me a suitable ticket window and buys me a ticket to (usually) the correct destination. I don't yet know the Chinese for "Seeing as how I'm here at the station already, how about selling me a ticket for a train that leaves...

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Sep 15, 2004 - Ming-ing

I had forgotten how much travelling in many countries involves much more travelling than actually being in places. I've lost track of days a bit, but I think I woke up yesterday in Qufu to another tropical rain storm, hopefully not as bad as Sunday's one which killed 200 people in a town I will be in a few weeks time. I was nearly out of cash (and am trying to save my traveller's cheques and dollars for when I am in really out of the way places) so I went looking for an ATM, getting very wet in the process. Eventually this nice woman in one...

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