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Mar 14, 2018 - Haikou, Hainan – Hawaii of China

The weather is getting warmer as we go south to the bottom of China. Haikou is a large tropical island on the South China Sea and definitely more relaxed. The Li and the Miao people have lived here for 10,000 years, the last 3,000 as part of China. The morning is drizzly and overcast, but that does not discourage the lion tamer and his lions from frolicking along side the ship as we dock. Big welcome party with over 40 people lined up to sing, clap and present us each with a coconut necklace or bracelet. Not the steely eyed immigration...

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Oct 15, 2015 - Sanya, China

Peter visited Sanya today and things went well. He had a rehearsal, drill, and performances in the evening. Lots of folks visit Sanya for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports because of a coral reef in the area. From his pictures, we are guessing that Pete did not have time for any scuba diving!

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Oct 2, 2015 - Sanya, China

Pete had a good visit in Sanya, which is at the southern point on Hainan Island. It is known for its tropical climate and is the location for the Chinese beach volleyball training facility!! It is a popular tourist destination. Things are going well on the ship.

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Jun 30, 2015 - Sanya Days 1 & 2

Sanya has been a blast sense I landed! Kristen is showing me how to live like a local and I love it! I am reminded a lot of my visits to Okinawa here. My first night here her neighbor surprised both of us by cooking us dinner! An excellent seafood and vegetable mixture and fried greens. It was delicious! Dinner was very animated, he speaks no English, so lots of gesturing lol I have learned my name is very hard to teach people how to say here! He tried very hard! Yesterday we went to the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone where we saw the statue...

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Trip Journal

2015 Asia Adventure

Apr 9, 2015 - Easter celebration

So happy to spend time with JiLi. Earlier in the week, we met Steve and JiLi after school for a meal at a nice restaurant overlooking a main road. Ran into a group of their colleagues on the way out and they all enjoyed meeting Steve's dad, teasing that they looked a lot alike. Tom and I are smitten with JiLi, such a lovely young woman, so beautiful inside and out. Thursday night we got together again at Steve's place. Introduced her to the Western custom of dying eggs for Easter and everyone enjoyed it. JiLi brought Wenchung Chicken, a...

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Apr 8, 2015 - Night in Old Haikou

Returned to take night photos of the architecture in Old Haikou. The Portugese were here as traders, missionaries and educators in the early 1800's. They built multi-story, brick and stucco buildings with columns (quilou) on the street level. This created covered walkways and open storefronts with living quarters on the floors above. Facades were decorated with Baroque details and molded stucco with wood-shuttered windows. The white and pastel colors look more Mediterranean than Asian--so different and unexpected. Made me think of Mahon on...

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Apr 7, 2015 - Life in Haikou

Initially, Haikou seems like a very modern, noisy, lively city. But looking closer you can see signs that this is still the "third world." A farmer's market on a side street sold raw meat from a cloth on the sidewalk. Farmers from the surrounding countryside sell their produce from baskets and makeshift stands. Women with carry-poles tote baskets of steamed buns filled with a sweet paste of crushed black seeds. For most things, the price is established through bargaining, writing figures on paper since we couldn't name numbers. The scooters...

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Apr 6, 2015 - Old Haikou

Steve took us to Old Haikou. Amazing to step back into old China. Buildings were crumbling concrete, blackened with age, no more than 2 or 3 stories high. Bundles of wires hung overhead, pavements broken and uneven, cars and scooters everywhere. Stood at the main intersection at Bo'ai and Xinmin and just laughed, watching the cars, scooters, bicyles, pedicabs, pedestrians all weaving their way across. Walked through narrow streets with wide variety of small shops--plastic goods, rolled up mats and carpets, cell phone covers and...

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Apr 4, 2015 - Nanwan Monkey Islet, Xincun floating vlg

What a fantastic day! Bullet train from Haikou (north end of Hainan) to Ling Shui near the south end of the island. Many people traveling for the Qingming holiday, returning home to spruce up family graves. Tom noted that, in the USA, there would be lots more kids travelling with families. One-child rule is being relaxed to address problem of lopsided population. Arrived in Ling Shui just 80 minutes later after a smooth, rapid ride past coconut and rubber plantations, rice paddies (3 harvests/year on Hainan), tiny villages and distant views...

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Apr 3, 2015 - Evergreen Jinjiuling Park

Still reeling from jet lag and dehydration but walked with Steve to a large and beautiful local park on the South China Sea. Very hot (nineties) with the intense sun of the tropics but it helps to sit in the shade with a fresh coconut, chopped open at one end. Jinjiuling looks very festive with lots of red lanterns, palm trees, and lovely flower beds. Small area of amusement park rides, some with the KungFu Panda theme! We returned to this park on our own later in the week and rode around in an electric cart like old geezer tourists! A...

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Apr 1, 2015 - On our way!

April 1, 10 am Delta flight to Detroit, then off to Beijing. Transferred to China Southern Air for our flight to Haikou at the north end of Hainan Island, just east of Vietnam in the South China Sea. I think we were the only foreigners on the domestic flight. China Southern has the most stunning flight attendants! No problems but a grueling trip. Glad to finally arrive at 10 pm on April 2. Tom's son met us at the airport and we taxied to his high rise apartment in downtown Haikou. Hot and humid--81 degrees. Traffic is pretty alarming! Few...

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May 5, 2010 - Hainan, Sanya.

Barb woke 6.30 am thinking it was 7.30 am. Got up and showered. Bed very comfortable and on the net said they had Ikea mattresses but Lin said it was a word that often got used and wasn't necessarily the case. Andy showered next. Lin still asleep so went for a walk around the block and to the beach. The beach really is very nice. Goes a long way and there are cafes all along a board walk looking over the beach. On the beach there are set areas with loungers and grass umbrellas and little huts. Lots of items for hire ranging from bathers,...

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