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Feb 3, 2018 - Beijing and the Forbidden City.

We did not wake until late. Can't possibly understand why. But we had to change rooms, as the air conditioning was not working in the room, and we had to share a double bed! Got moved, and then decided to head out. We did get a good breakfast at the hostel first though. Really good menu at the Leo Hostel, and fast service! Before we headed out, we booked for a show tonight, and had to be back at 6pm, to be driven to the Story of Kung Fu. We thought we would have plenty of time, but it turned out not to be so easy!! But more of that...

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Feb 1, 2018 - Washing clothes at Winnie's house, then dinner with Andy, Lily and family.

Today was set aside to get washing done, and dried at Winnie and Liao's house. They have a combination washer and drier, so we decided that would be the way to get washing ready to go away. We could not go there until after bout 12.30, when Winnie gets home from teaching, so in the morning, we went and had fried eggs, and black sesame paste dumplings in sago and coconut milk, then we went and got some snack food from what used to be the Goodworld Supermarket. On the way back, I went back to the market stall where Carol got her thermos...

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Jan 31, 2018 - Another day, with chores needing done.

Today, I sent a message to Denise to see if she could help us with collecting train tickets, and also getting my bedding to Melrose's house. We arranged to meet her at around 3.30 at the medical college. So we headed out to get lunch at the Chongqing Noodles shop, and walked down to get a #4 bus. It was nice out today - still cold, but not raining, and much more pleasant. Carol loved her noodles, although challenging managing them just with chopsticks and a spoon! But she got there! After eating, we got a bus back to the CBD, because we...

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Jan 30, 2018 - First day in Zhaoqing for Carol.

We slept pretty well, all things considered. Woke around 11am, and noticed that it was still a very cold day, with misty rain to accompany the cold!! We did wake very gently, but found we had no hot water for showering. Uh oh!! But too early to both with it!! We headed out around 12.30 and went around the corner to the dumpling shop for a snack for our brunch!! Carol was intrigued by the lion/dragon dance costume supplier at the corner. We had a nice lunch, and Carol was surprised by the fact that she could manage to eat the whole ten...

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Jan 29, 2018 - Well Carol is on the way!! Yippee!

Today I got myself packed up, ready to move to the hotel, and also prepared what I need to pack for our trip. Got to the hotel mid afternoon, checked in without too many difficulties, and settled in to relax. I could not get the kettle to work, could not work out how to tune in the TV, and needed two more pillows. Thankfully, before someone arrived to fix things, I worked out how to make the kettle work!! Duh!! Everything else was taken care of very efficiently. Around 5.30 I decided to go out for a walk, and got myself dumplings for...

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Jan 28, 2018 - Village wedding with Winnie and Liao.

What a wonderful day!! I was invited to go with Winnie and Liao to a wedding in the village where Liao grew up. It was a cold day, but when you know it is going to be cold, at least you can be prepared, and dress accordingly. Winnie messaged me just after 10 am to let me know they were on their way, so I headed down to the front gate. By the time we set off, it was probably about 10.30, an we headed out onto the expressway which goes to Wuzhou in the west, and to Guangzhou to the east. It was a pleasant drive, past mountains that were...

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Jan 27, 2018 - Lovely dinner with Luna, Nick and their family.

I was home all day, until it was time to go out and meet Luna and Nick for dinner. Not sure what the weather was today, but it was cold. According to my phone it was 16c, but it felt even colder. My day was spent getting work up to date on the computer, and uploading photos etc., and when that was all done, I did some more to my cross stitch. Luna's plan was to go to the Lamb Leg BBQ place, but she changed her mind. It is too cold to be outdoors, and she instead chose to meet at the Westerner Bull Bar. I had made a crochet rug for her baby...

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Jan 26, 2018 - Australia Day Zhaoqing style.

Well, this was a busy day, but a great one! And early start for me, meeting Denise near the carpark at 8.15, after she dropped Qianyu off at kindy. She took me to have breakfast, at a very nice little place. It is apparently very famous locally, for cheap breakfasts, and I paid the bill which was a whole 6rmb. Perhaps $1.20. Certainly the last of the big spenders. I had expressed a wish that I had brought a coffee sachet with me, so Denise suggested KFC, for coffee and more breakfast, before hitting Walmart to get the shopping I could not...

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Jan 25, 2018 - Got hotel booking!! What a challenge!

I was woken by the phone this morning. A call from Ctrip.com told me that they could not make the booking at the hotel I wanted, as they are not licensed to welcome foreigners into the hotel. This is something I was aware of, but did not know it might apply to the hotel I visited yesterday. Apart from the hotel, there were a few more chores to do out of home today. My first stop was to the cross stitch shop, to drop off Winnie's gift, for framing! That was achieved easily, and it will be ready to collect next Wednesday. And all for the...

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Jan 24, 2018 - Got out finally, and achieved what I needed to!!

Some success today, and finally got some chores done that I have been working toward. Firstly, I headed to the Yue Hai Hotel, and got a good price from them, for accommodation when Carol arrives. But it is very dirty, with all the roadworks happening along the river front. So, around the corner I went, to the Jin Jiang Hotel. There were problems with language difficulties, but another customer at the front desk helped me out, and I had a look at a couple of rooms. Very nice, and clean. From there, I took a bus down to Renmin Zhonglu, to...

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Jan 23, 2018 - Visit to Zhaoqing Photographers Companion Club

I had a funny day today. Firstly the day started rather early, with Denise coming to the college to drop off a flash drive for me to copy all the photos from Friday and Saturday onto for her. She invited me to go with her to her Grandpa's house, but I decided I needed to be here, get washing done, etc. I had a number of other chores that I was hoping to get through, but for a start my VPN would not load, so I had to wait, and hope for the best. No VPN equals no access to Gmail, or Facebook. Not usually critical, but I needed to email Carol...

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Jan 22, 2018 - Busy day - but did not leave home!

Today, I never left home, but achieved a lot. Sorting through photos, dumping duds took ages. Yes, there were rather a lot from the weekend!! In between waiting for photos to upload, I finished a baby blanket that I had been crocheting for my old student Belinda, who is expecting her second baby in February. And when that was done, I got on with my cross stitch again! Yes, busy little bee.

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