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Jan 26, 2018 - Australia Day Zhaoqing style.

Well, this was a busy day, but a great one! And early start for me, meeting Denise near the carpark at 8.15, after she dropped Qianyu off at kindy. She took me to have breakfast, at a very nice little place. It is apparently very famous locally, for cheap breakfasts, and I paid the bill which was a whole 6rmb. Perhaps $1.20. Certainly the last of the big spenders. I had expressed a wish that I had brought a coffee sachet with me, so Denise suggested KFC, for coffee and more breakfast, before hitting Walmart to get the shopping I could not...

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Jan 25, 2018 - Got hotel booking!! What a challenge!

I was woken by the phone this morning. A call from Ctrip.com told me that they could not make the booking at the hotel I wanted, as they are not licensed to welcome foreigners into the hotel. This is something I was aware of, but did not know it might apply to the hotel I visited yesterday. Apart from the hotel, there were a few more chores to do out of home today. My first stop was to the cross stitch shop, to drop off Winnie's gift, for framing! That was achieved easily, and it will be ready to collect next Wednesday. And all for the...

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Jan 24, 2018 - Got out finally, and achieved what I needed to!!

Some success today, and finally got some chores done that I have been working toward. Firstly, I headed to the Yue Hai Hotel, and got a good price from them, for accommodation when Carol arrives. But it is very dirty, with all the roadworks happening along the river front. So, around the corner I went, to the Jin Jiang Hotel. There were problems with language difficulties, but another customer at the front desk helped me out, and I had a look at a couple of rooms. Very nice, and clean. From there, I took a bus down to Renmin Zhonglu, to...

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Jan 23, 2018 - Visit to Zhaoqing Photographers Companion Club

I had a funny day today. Firstly the day started rather early, with Denise coming to the college to drop off a flash drive for me to copy all the photos from Friday and Saturday onto for her. She invited me to go with her to her Grandpa's house, but I decided I needed to be here, get washing done, etc. I had a number of other chores that I was hoping to get through, but for a start my VPN would not load, so I had to wait, and hope for the best. No VPN equals no access to Gmail, or Facebook. Not usually critical, but I needed to email Carol...

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Jan 22, 2018 - Busy day - but did not leave home!

Today, I never left home, but achieved a lot. Sorting through photos, dumping duds took ages. Yes, there were rather a lot from the weekend!! In between waiting for photos to upload, I finished a baby blanket that I had been crocheting for my old student Belinda, who is expecting her second baby in February. And when that was done, I got on with my cross stitch again! Yes, busy little bee.

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Jan 21, 2018 - So tired, and sore!!

Today I slept late, after going to bed aching all over!! I did give my hip, which was very painful, a really good rubbing with a heat rub, which seemed to help. I'd had a message from Peter, to catch up and collect my goodies from Australia and to return his keys, and I told him that I would not be there until late afternoon. Most of the day was spent getting photos up onto the computer, ready for some editing and uploading onto this journal!! What a job. We sat and talked for a while, and then decided to head out to the Lotus restaurant...

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Jan 20, 2018 - Variety concert Zhaoqing style.

After having dinner, with Denise, Qianqian and two other friends, along with their three little girls, we walked up the street to the theatre for the show. My best description would be a variety concert. There was nothing that I could understand about the lyrics of the show, which all had deep historical and cultural meanings, but I could certainly appreciate the standard of the vocals and the music. It was amazing. But even better was the lighting and the back drops on the stage. These back drops were ceiling high, and they had images...

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Jan 20, 2018 - Paifang Square after the parade!

We managed to get down to Paifang Square. It was a huge mission. We had to take detours at stages, to get around the crowds, as in some places there was no getting through them!! So, with a lot of pushing, shoving, apologizing, and just keeping on going, we got there! The whole place was a heaving mass of humanity! But, what an awesome experience. The atmosphere was just mind blowing! We hung out there for the rest of the afternoon, alternately sitting on a bench, and wandering for photos. Late in the day, I met a lady called Summer Xia,...

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Jan 20, 2018 - New Year parade in Zhaoqing.

This morning I met Denise and Qianqian at the front of the college, to hunt out a good spot to get photos of the parade, which promises to be huge. There will be over 1000 people walking a total of 13.8 kms. Not everyone will walk all the way of course. I would have loved to be part of it, but the desire for photos is more pressing!! There are three options, according to Denise. 1. Be audience. 2. Pay 28rmb, and do some or all of the walk, and receive a certificate and a scarf to commemorate the event. 3. Pay 88rmb, same as #2 but with an...

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Jan 19, 2018 - End of year performance at the Special Needs Kindergarten.

I had to be up early this morning, and of course, did not sleep at all well last night, so I really did not feel like going out, but at least I will be able to sleep when I get back home again. Denise picked me up at the front gate of the college at 8.15am, after she dropped Qianyu off at her kindergarten. I am very impressed at the facilities that the Chinese government provides for parents of kids that need extra care. Qianyu is in the hearing and brain damage section, and she gets one on one support for her speech and pronunciation, two...

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Jan 18, 2018 - Back for Chongqing noodles, and then interesting vegetables in Chain Mart.

I did washing today, and set aside my cross stitch piece soaking to get it spotless before the framing gets done. The ink did not all come out with my first wash, and the lady in the cross stitch shop just told me to leave it soaking for longer, and use more detergent, so I have tried that this time! I was heading to Melrose's house late afternoon, after she finished work. She finishes at 5pm today, so I had planned to arrive around 6, to give her time to get home, and settle down and relax. The traffic was horrific again, and in areas that...

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Jan 17, 2018 - Got framing ordered for Winnie's housewarming gift, and then later, dinner with Denise.

Today Winnie and I were to meet at about quarter to four, to go to the cross stitch shop, to arrange to get the framing under way, for the cross stitch piece I am giving to her and Liao for their new home. I had been calling her, but no reply, so I went down anyway to wait for her, and hope she showed up!! While I was waiting, I saw a man with a tiny little baby puppy on a lead. The puppy was crying, and did not want to walk with him. He had to keep stopping for the little dog to rest, and eventually he did pick it up and walk off with...

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