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Mar 1, 2008 - Day out in Sihui

Got up at 9am, in time to meet John in town at 11am, and get a bus ticket to Sihui. I showed him my technique of making sure that I got the bus I wanted, by approaching the ticket 'checker' with my ticket, even though I know it is too early to board the bus. She waved us, to sit and wait, and at least, then, because she has seen two foreigners waiting, usually what happens is that she will let us know when it is time to board the bus. My method has not let me down yet, although this time we actually recognized the characters on the front of...

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May 27, 2007 - And then to China

How do we describe our first three days in China? When we left Australia Ricki said she would never work those days, all those hours again - it is just not worth it. Well, it is worth every second. We are having an amazing time. Left Kowloon by ferry - industrial and shipping for 2 hours until reach Guangzhou. From Guangzhou we trained overnight to Guilin and then bussed to Yangshou where we are at the moment. In Guangzhou our guide arranged for a room for us all to use and to store our baggage. We had our first group meal (absolutely...

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Feb 2, 2006 - Off to Sihui with Anita.

Well, I had two dates today. Firstly, I had a call from Anita, to see if I would like to go to Sihui with her in the afternoon. And then I had a call from Harley, Stephen Pong's son, to have lunch with him and his friends. It all worked out very well. So, I packed what I needed to go to Sihui. Even some good clothes as we are going to a wedding, in the evening. I met Harley here at the college at 11 am, and we caught a bus into town. He took me to a restaurant I have not been to before, so it is good to experience new places, and find out...

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Jul 30, 2004 - On to Shouguan

On the 28th I caught the trian through to Shouguan, 3 hours north of Guangzhou. I had abit of a wait for my ticket to turn up at the hotel, and spent the time chatting with some of the staff in broken english. I suspect I was being "groomed" - occasional switches to chinese accompanied by giggling amoung the girls, and the usual "you like chinese girls?" I was relieved however to hear that the young guy who was a bit of a smooth talker had a girlfriend. I may not have mentioned that when I checked in, soaked in sweat, he said "you are very...

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