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Sep 8, 2009 - Nanling National Park

We arrived in Nanling after a nightmarish night train. We had decided to rough it and bought hard seats for the trip only to discover that we had no seats. We had purchased standing tickets for a overnight train that was packed to the rafters with people and baggage in every available space. We smuggly sat in our seats until someone got on an hour later to claim them as theirs. Finally get a seat at 2 in the morning when Claire is woken to find her picture being taken by the couple sat next to her. She then had to speak to them for an hour...

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Kiwi Commute

Apr 30, 2008 - Off to Xinfeng county.

I was expecting Blue Sky this morning, when he finishes his class at 9.40, as we need to talk about the information he needs, in order to fill all the requirements for his visa application, so I set the alarm for 10am!! Yes, I needed to be up early today! I got washing done, dishes washed, etc., and finished updating the journal again. I want to be organized, so that when I know what time Dandan is leaving, I just have to refer to my list, and throw things into a bag. When Blue Sky had not arrived by lunch time, I called him to see what was...

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