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Mar 25, 2005 - Arica

I am in Arica at the moment, which is a fairly dire border town, the first you come to upon entering Chile. I`m afraid that this entry will have precious little of actual interest for you, but I`m afraid that it is Easter weekend, everything is shut (not that there is much to do in Arica) and my bus to San Pedro de Atacama does not leave until 10pm so I have a few hours to burn and am spending at least one of them in the only open internet cafè in the city. I got a bus from Arequipa to Tacna, seven hours spent driving through the Atacama...

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Mar 8, 2005 - Arica and Piure...mmmm mmmm Good

When we arrived in Arica we only had to walk a couple of blocks and we found a hostal for 3000 pesos, definately a good deal considering Chiles supposed to be a very expensive country to travel in, compared to Peru and Ecfuador that is. It was a beautiful day out, so we thought wed take a walk down by the ocean to check if there were surfers in the area. We walked along the rocks for a little while chasing crabs-our favorite past time??-and then a local man offered us some fresh seafood that he cought a few feet away. I refused the offer,...

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Jan 28, 2005 - Arica

Overnight bus journeys supposed to mean sleep. This doesnt happen, when at the second stop of Calama, a big guy gets on, sits next to ya, and then proceeds to take up all available space in the 2 seats. My arm space, my leg space, no a happy girl, gave him a few sharp elbows in the middle of the night, kidding on I was sleeping. Lights went on and it was still dark outside, I had a few minutes sleep(well at least that what it felt like), and we arrived in Arica, the furthest north city in Chile, jus a few kms from the Peruvian...

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Kirsty RTW '04/'05

Nov 26, 2004 - ...with the Condor in Flight

Hello again! Been travelling again, this time down into Chile from Peru. Had a fabulous time on my little excursion to Colca Canyon outside Arequipa. It`s the deepest canyon in the world, and it goes on for miles. The scenery, up in some of the highest peaks in Peru, was incredible. As we left Arequipa we passed through the foothills of the Andes, which are very dry and desolate (had no idea how desert-like the desert really is) and climbed up and up until we were in the altiplano, a wierd and wonderful place at enormous altitude (4000m)...

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Jul 11, 2004 - Land of Fish

We were led to believe that Arica stinks of fish. It wasn't half as bad as we were expecting and then only right down at the docks where the fishmeal is processed. Maybe the wind was blowing in our favour. There wasn't much to see at Arica. A couple of buildings that Eiffel built (of Paris Tower fame) and lots of Chilean flags, big ones. The church is made entirely out of steel (panels painted to look like wood) and all the parts were locked together using a key. Arica used to be in Peru prior to the War of the Pacific over a hundred years...

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