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Jan 12, 2017 - Cape Horn Scenic Cruising - Update 1/13/17

The ship completed its scheduled cruise around Cape Horn from 8:30-9:30pm on January 12th. The rough seas around Cape Horn are created by a combination of low atmospheric pressure troughs and the confluence of the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. First mentioned by Francis Drake in his 1567 sailing (headed to rob gold shipments) the north side of Cape Horn borders Drake Passage. Many mariners over the years perished in this area as their ships and navigation tools were not able to handle the submerged rocks and challenging seas. Thus...

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Mar 22, 2016 - Cape Horn

A few days ago one of our fellow travelers got what appeared to be food poisoning. A few days later we were sharing a snack at a local home and her husband who was sitting next to me slumped over, his eyes rolled back in his head and as I went to catch him, he vomited all over my hands. Long story short they both had a virus and now I have it, too. After the vomit stage, all I could do is sleep. I've missing the shore landing at Terra Del Fuego as well as another stop. I've asked for a guest writer, but I will have to settle for photographs...

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Feb 21, 2015 - Cape Horn and at sea - Day 8

Day 8 – Cape Horn and at sea – February 21, 2015 Today we traveled to the END of the world (or bottom of the world) in the early morning. They tell us that the water is very deep and there is 2700 meters under the keel. We are about 64 nautical miles from Ushuaia (how far we traveled from last night) – which is not very far – but they wanted us all to be able to experience Cape Horn. We are traveling at 21.3 knots and the winds are from the NW at 30 knots – Gale Force 7. It's a bit windy to say the least. We got up early-ish to see and...

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Nov 2, 2013 - Cape Horn and Wulaia Bay

During the night we sailed through Murray Channel and Nassau Bay to reach Cape Horn National Park (55 degrees south) where, weather permitting, disembarkation was scheduled. We dropped anchor, looking at the few constructions, and waited for the Captain's decision as to whether it was safe to board the Zodiacs and make a visit. The mythical Cape Horn lived up to its reputation, providing 120 km winds, which the skipper of our vessel thought was a tad too much for our Zodiacs. A little crestfallen we spent the day retracing our path north...

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Mar 3, 2013 - Cape Horn, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina

March 3, 2013 At Sea, rounding Cape Horn After sleeping in, we needed to do some laundry. With the cold waters of the south Atlantic, the temperature is a chilly 50 degrees with overcast skies. I charged the batteries in the cameras in preparation for Cape Horn. Updates coming along with pictures

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Nov 16, 2010 - Boat Day 11

At 7am, we were awaken by Julio the Exhibition Leader, informing us that we were at Cape Horn and encouraged all to go on deck to take photos. Penny went out and took photos. Afterwards, Penny took part in the "Engine Room" tour. At lunch, Murray finally made an appearance. After lunch we went outside to get some fresh air in the boy. We finally made it out of the Drake Passage and into the Beagle Channel. We were parked at the dock in Ushuaia at 7pm. After dinner Murray insisted that we get off the boat, so we walked into town and checked...

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Feb 11, 2010 - Cape Horn scenic cruising

What is Cape Horn like? Cape Horn is widely considered to be the most southerly point of South America, and marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage; for many years it was a major milestone on the clipper route, by which sailing ships carried trade around the world. However, the waters around the cape are particularly hazardous, owing to strong winds, large waves, strong currents and icebergs; these dangers have made it notorious as a sailors' graveyard. The need for ships to round the Cape Horn was greatly reduced by the opening of...

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Jan 27, 2009 - circling the Horn (nothing to toot about)

Cape Horn We woke up late and went to breakfast. On cruise ships there are three options for dining: room service, dining room, and food court/buffet. Our dining choice this morning was the breakfast buffet. I had some of the best belgian waffles ever! (With sugar-free syrup of course!) Plus, a little bit of toasted bagel, mellon, and tea. Following breakfast the girls went to the kids club and I got a new key card because somehow I misplaced mine. Then dad and I saw the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall but it was very strange. We had lunch...

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Feb 28, 2008 - Day 18 - Cape Horn

We spent most of the day heading North across the dreaded Drake Passage. Our luck held again. Although there was a stiff wind and the waters were a little choppy, for the most part it was a pretty easy trip across. We reached the cape at about 5:00 pm., where we received some bad news. The pilot boat that was to have escorted us as we circumnavigated Cape Horn Island had apparently broken down. This created another problem as well, because we needed a local pilot to navigate our way up the Picton Canal and the Chilean/Argentinian fjords to...

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Jan 29, 2008 - Cape Horn, Chile

1/29 Today was the big day. About 9:00AM we passed to within three miles of Cape Horn (Chile) and started across the Darwin Channel (Southern Ocean) to Antarctica. The seas were only to about fifteen feet and the wind was a relaxed (for the area) 25 knots. We completed the western half of South America and are headed for Antarctica.

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Jan 3, 2008 - Cape Horn

Today we planned to sleep in, but instead woke to the slamming of our "magic drawers", which seemed very eager for us to join the day and explore their contents. This of course prompted a look out the window, and the seas were much rougher than yesterday. We ended up putting a chair and trash can against the dresser to stop the slamming. During breakfast there were many crashing dishes etc, and walking was tough. The others at the table helped anchor our trays so that they didn't run away from us. With the 20 foot seas and 50+ knot winds,...

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Antarctica 2008

Nov 22, 2006 - Antarctica Day 9: Rounding Cape Horn; Return To Ushuaia

Due to good weather and relatively calm oceans, we arrived in Ushuaia early, about 6 p.m. and 12 hours ahead of schedule. The Captain said that this was the fastest crossing in recent memory and that he even had to slow down the ship. We also had to wait in the harbor for a short time until space cleared on the dock. Once docked, the expedition staff held an auction of memorabilia, with 100% of the proceeds going to the "Save the Albatross" campaign. After a short bidding war, I made the winning bid for the red GAP Adventures flag that...

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