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Mar 6, 2007 - SANTIAGO, Chile TIME TO GO HOME

Well, here we are back in Santiago, Chile. After 5 months of travelling around South America we are awaiting our flight back to Melbourne both happy to be returning to see family and friends, but also a little sad at finishing what has been a great trip with plenty of highs, a few lows (but these did help make the highs seem even better) and a little bit of adventure. Although the time here has been fun, we did have a few quiet times to reflect and with that amount of time the brain can start to do some thinking and this is what happens,...

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Dec 17, 2006 - Pichilemu

I just wanted to put another map point on, I just got here so I have nothing to say yet!! I am sure that will change soon. You can check out where I am staying: www.chileespana.cl Well, I got out on the town, Saturday night I didn't get home to bed until Sunday morning 8ish. I really can't remember the last time that I stayed up that late/early. But I was at the point, I am in a little surfing town, and that point is THE place to go surfing I guess but when I got there it was pitch dark, all I had was sound to imagine the immensity of the...

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Dec 1, 2006 - Pichilemu, Chile

Our first overnight stop was in Pichilemu, a 220km drive from Santiago, stopping in Pomaire and Raphel Dam on the way. Pomaire is a ancient Indian village of the Quechuas who emigrated from Peru in the 1480's. It is a small dusty village and is well known for its ceramic pottery. The artesans have conserved the tradition of working with clay using basically the same techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, the village was pretty much closed when we arrived as it was still early in the morning....

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Mar 8, 2006 - Puerto Varas to Santiago - Chile

Dom - Puerto Varas marked the southernmost point we would reach in Chile. From here we traveled back up towards Santiago. The stand-out stop was Saltos Del Laja, a tall and wide waterfall. The most impressive waterfall I've seen so far. It even gave us a couple of rainbows to add to its beauty. Something weird was going on at the top of the waterfall. There were guys fishing. I'm sure this isn't stupid (what I know about fishing could be written on a fishfinger) but it looked really stupid and pointless. Eventually they packed up and left...

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Feb 20, 2006 - Jornada

This past weekend we had our volunteer retreat, or "jornada." We traveled to Cahuil, a little beach town about 3 and a half hours south of Santiago, where we rented Cabanas. Cahuil is located next to a more well-known beach town called Pichilemu, which is famous for being one of the best surfing spots in Chile. While all 26 volunteers traveled together, the activities were separated by class, since the September class already had one retreat in October. So while we did some full group activities, many of the exercises were with just the...

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Trip Journal

Jonah's Chile Trip

Feb 9, 2006 - Rancagua

We headed South out of Santiago with no real plan of where we were going to end up. At lunch time we found ourselves in a small city called Rancagua, and we decided to stop. We found a little cafe overlooking a busy pedestrian street and sat down for some food. The manager spoke very good English, and so he came over to the table to help us translate the menu. We started asking about where he learned to speak such good English, and he told us that he had spent years working in New York and Lake Louise! He told us that he has a sister...

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Jan 4, 2006 - Arrivee a Santiago

Normalement, nous devions arriver mercredi matin à Santiago, mais nous avons dû passer la nuit à Madrid. Du coup, hôtel 4*, mais seulement pour 5 heures. On a quand même pillé le buffet. Maxime a retrouvé les sensations déjà expérimentées à Hamburg: les chaussettes qui collent le matin quand tu les remets ! Nous avons trouvé du 1er coup un hotel sympa, et apres une nuit de 12 heures, nous sommes partis à l'assaut de Santiago: après une visite dans le quartier Bellavista, quartier coloré, nous sommes montés par le téléphérique au cerro santa...

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Apr 26, 2005 - Santiago

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Me voila pour la 4e fois a Santiago apres 6h de bus au lieu de 5. C'etait vraiment trop long, j'aurais du faire ce stop a Los Vilos ou le temps etait au beau fixe. Je suis donc de nouveau chez Henrika pour quelques jours, Matt l'Americain qui etait la aussi quand je suis partie a finalement elu domicile quelques etages plus haut (il va vivre un temps a Santiago) et il a ete remplace par James, un autre gringo, qui semble avoir un assez mauvais karma car ca fait des lustres qu'il attend pour une piece de sa moto, son...

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Apr 7, 2005 - San Javier and Viña Balduzzi!

The reason we went to San Javier was to visit the local vineyards, there are about 10 in the area. After making a bunch of phone calls the next morning, Mike could only get a reservation with one winery, Viña Balduzzi at 3pm. We wasted time for a bit-touring the plaza and writing postcards-then walked about a kilometer to the vineyard. We were very early and everyone was on lunch, so we hung around for a bit and checked out the sales office. Turns out that Mike had made a reservation for the following day (haha) and we were only able to...

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Apr 5, 2005 - Parque Nacional Siete Tazas (Seven Cups)

Our mission was to head into the park, camp for a couple of nights and tour the waterfalls and ponds, called the Seven Cups. We were told that a bus left Curico at 5:30pm every day to the park, so we took the bus and naturally, it dropped us off in a shitty town about 1.5 hours (via bus) away from the park. With no other buses leaving until the next day, we were forced to find a hostal for the night. The next day, we got a bus at 5pm which was to take us all the way to the park, where there were many free campgrounds. Again, the bus only...

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Feb 16, 2005 - Vina Balduzzi

Headed back to Santiago today, Stopped in a vineyard on the way called Vina Balduzzi, did a little tour and then sampled the goods. Was only 11am so didn´t have to much. Was a very nice white wine actually, and apparently 30% is exported to England so it comes with my reconmendation. After this it was back to Santiago.....for Laundry, food and planning what to do next.

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Feb 9, 2005 - Picheilemu

Stopped today in a place called Pomaire....not much to see except handycraft stores, was tempted to buy some cool little clay things but the chance of em lasting till i get home was slim, so didn´t bother. We also stopped at a place called the Rapel Dam which was just a Hydro Electrical comlex....was quite cool as i´d never seen one of such size before...but got bored pretty quick. Finally we stopped in Pichilemu..... Was a beach town but the sand was volcanic so it was black...Took some surfing lessons which was cool, was given an...

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