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Dec 24, 2016 - Anecdotes et faits de la route

Bonjour à Tous, oui pause de Noël. Bienvenu, car, beaucoup de km franchit les dernières sem pour arriver en Patagonie/Tierra Fuego. Bien de beau paysage et le Pacific, magique !!! Wababadoudou !!! Du fond du cœur, je vous souhaite un beau Noël blanc, en Famille autant que possible, des rencontres, du plaisir. J'en profite pour le nouvelle An 2017. Santé à Tous, des résolutions, des projets qui débute par des rêves, même avec une jambe de métal !!! Un mille à pied sa use sa use les souliers ... c'est une contine qui m'est venu quelques fois...

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Feb 28, 2013 - Magic Mountain

Trekking in morning through the Beech Forest. Afternoon, men rode mountain bikes for 20 km and women let the horses do the work....needless to say we are a trifle sore this evening so spa/swim followed by drinks was very welcome! ************************************************************************************************************************Picked up at hotel by guide Marco and driver in nice minibus. Went via Lago Panguipulli to Panguipulli town (walked around and had coffee), then through mostly farming country to Los Lagos, on to...

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Feb 27, 2013 - Journey to land of the Hobbits

Flew from Santiago to Temuco. Then transferred by fast driver to the Chilean Lakes district. Am totally jet lagged.. Whilst beng driven through spectacular scenery, lakes, volcanoes..... kept nodding off!!!!!! Now staying in Huilo Huilo which is a rainforest resort. Our room is up the top of a circular building surrounding a tree so we are in the canopy. Planning a trek in the morning, the boys will bike ride in afternoon and Anita and I will take a chance at horse riding! Food and wine here is...

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Feb 14, 2011 - Temuco and on to Santiago

After Puerto Varas we bused to Temuco. Once again this is a clean, neat, personable small city. Collectivos are taxis with service within a designated area of the city, and the charge is a fixed (& inexpensive)amount. The vechicles area of service is denoted by the number displayed on the roof, and they even have a summary of major streets served on display. Quite an efficient service. Another different trend was that street parking is monitored real time by individuals who present vehicle owner the `tab` when they return to their car to...

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Feb 20, 2010 - Chile

We flew into the capital Santiago, situated approximately halfway down this 4,300km long rake of a country. We decided to head south from here, with it making more sense to access the high and dry northern Chile later on in the trip from Bolivia. After some frantic last minute planning, it worked out perfectly for me to fit in 2 weeks of work at one of Timberline's Chile offices. We enjoyed the hotel which was definitely a step up from the usual backpackers digs and I enjoyed using my brain again while letting Steve plan the next few weeks...

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Feb 7, 2010 - South again

After my little camping adventure, I took a day to relax at the Refugio del Tricahue, wandering aimlessly by the river and trying to spot some parrots. Met another American woman traveling solo, by bike through South America. She was resting a couple days before heading up and over the Andes- way more ambitious than I`ll ever be! The Refugio is a lovely little spot with two split-log cabins (one the home of the French couple who own and run the place and their two little girls, and one the hostel proper), occasional patches of vegetable...

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The Other Americas

Feb 14, 2009 - Transitions

This will not be a very detailed entry because most of what happened today was logistical and extremely boring. We woke up, showered, and had breakfast. Then we rushed to the airport because we were late. We returned the car, checked in, and went through security. We first went on a LAN flight to Santiago and then a Sky flight to Temuco via Conception. When we finally arrived Helmut was waiting for us. Helmut owns the lodge/hotel that we are staying at. He brought us nectarines and waited until we got our bags and then took us to the car...

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May 16, 2008 - La Suizaandina in Carucautin (out in the sticks near 4 volcanos)

i set off to this place because it was highly recommended by a local Letti that i stayed with in valdivia. ok this place is 2.5 hours east of the map location on the big map. its pretty remote and the only thing there is 4 volcanos some beautiful scenery. i whent on a 7 hour return trek up the right hand side of the volcano lonquimay. i was so happy to get a day of good weather because the day prior and the day after were terrible and it would have been dangerous to go up their alone like i did. haha. anyways i got some great shots and im...

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Feb 13, 2008 - Puerto Varas and Temuco

Set off from Puerto Montt in search of volcanos. First stop was Puerto Varas. The cloud lifted in the afternoon to reveal a fantastic view of one of the nearby snow capped volcanos. Pressed on to Temuco with the intention of visting the Conguillo National Park to see the monkey puzzle forests and to do some walking around the volcanos. Unfortunately it transpired that the national park was closed as the main volcano was active! Frustrated again we endured more time than we planned in Temuco - another uninspring and expensive town - and our...

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Nov 14, 2007 - Temuco

Temuco hätte der Ausgangspunkt unseres ersten Trekkings im chilenischen Lake District werden sollen. Unsere Pläne wurden allerdings quasi auf Eis gelegt. Der letzte Winter war hier überdurchschnittlich kalt und schneereich, so dass ab 500 m ü.M. immer noch viel Schnee liegt. Der Parque Nacional Conguillo (bekannt für seine Araucarien-Bäume) wird deshalb erst einen Monat später als geplant, am 1. Dezember, für Touristen geöffnet. So mussten wir unsere Rucksäcke unverrichteter Dinge wieder packen und weiter Richtung Pucón fahren.

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Jan 20, 2006 - On the Road to the Lake (and Volcano) District

The Volkswagen Fox was delivered to my hotel, a bit later than planned as parking is a problem in central Santiago. Did I say Volkswagen Fox? Never heard of it, you might say. Well it must be Volkswagen's answer to the Toyota Yaris and Hyundai Getz: it's a small car but, as I have noticed in a few other instances, they are big inside and this one also drives like a much bigger car - good sturdy feel, road holding properties are excellent, engine and gearbox are as smooth as you could want and lots of little practical goodies - not bad for a...

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Dec 21, 2005 - Pucon, Chile

i have been traveling with 3 israelis from Bariloche to Pucon. i was in the lobby of the hostel i was in at Bariloche, asking the girl who worked there about bus schedules to Pucon, when Itay approached me saying that i could ride with him and his friends, Michal and Aviya to Pucon. I was really excited because at this stage in my journey i have had it with buses. the next morning we jumped into the little red volkswagen and headed up through the 7 lakes region of argentina bound for chile. it was so nice to travel by car. whenever we saw a...

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