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Feb 14, 2019 - Sailing the Fjords to Punta Arenas

04 05 Feb. 14, 2019 Sailing the Fjords to Punta Arenas On our way to Punta Arenas, we encountered vast mountain ranges along the fjords. One unusually shaped mountain top looked like a Spanish Galleon. There was a ship wreck deteriorating in a shoal where it sank over 60 years ago. We were greeted with a full rainbow in the early morning as we docked in Punta Arenas. With gale force winds

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Feb 13, 2019 - El Brujo Glacier and Fjords

04 04 Feb. 13, 2019 El Brujo Glacier and Fjords We rose early and looked out our window to a stream of ice chunks flowing by. As we neared the end of the fjord, there was a gigantic glacier directly ahead. The ship was serving waffles on the pool deck to the hungry ‘ice show’ passengers. The compacted ice appears blue and is also filled with stones and dirt as it grinds its way down into the ocean. A small boat from the ship hoisted a bag of ice. I wonder if it will become an ice sculpture? We continued through the fjords through the night.

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Feb 11, 2019 - Puerto Chacabuco first Fjords

04 03 Feb. 11, 2019 Puerto Chacabuco first Fjords Sunshine woke us as we wove our way though the islands which gave a hint of the days ahead and the Chilean Fjords. This region reminded us of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Island region of Upstate New York. Our tour was scheduled in the early afternoon since the ship docked at one o’clock. A long ride into the interior let us see the mountains and plains as we followed a river toward our four destinations. The first reminded us of Simple Gift’s Farm (our son-in-law’s farm in...

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Nov 5, 2017 - Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

Stern = popa Bow = proa Starboard = estribor Port = babor I decided to eat dinner in the hotel even though it was a buffet. I usually don't like buffets because the food isn't good. But there's a beautiful view from the restaurant and being Sunday I figured both the two little cafes in town would be closed. I bought a bottle of wine and had a glass in the lounge overlooking the sunset over the port. Dinner is late here so a little after 8 pm I went to the restaurant and they brought the bottle of wine to my table. I started with the...

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Feb 1, 2010 - Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

Today was a typical Pacific Northwest day with clouds mist and rain. We visited Puerto Chacabuco (fun name!), a small industrial town. This is the Patagonia region of Chile. There are steep mountains and lush green fields that have been cleared of forests. Don took a kayaking trip on Lake Los Palos, which is about an hours drive from the coast. He was in the middle of those towering mountains full of lush green vegetation and many little waterfalls. In the pictures you’ll get a sense of the rich environment. There were also some sticky...

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