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Nov 19, 2017 - Coyhaique, Chile

In the morning, I went down to the port to check things out and I talked to the port director and gave him my phone number and he promised to Whatsapp me if anything changed. The hotel was full for that night and given that Chacabuco is a very small town with absolutely nothing going on, I decided to drive to Coyhaique an hour away and wait it out there. I got a room in a good hotel called Madero and contacted M and M and they invited me to Mena's house for dinner. In the meantime, I went to the local Eurocar office and got an estimate for...

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Nov 5, 2017 - Coyhaique, Chile

I headed on to Coyhaique and made it before dark and arrived at my hostel. Small world again because Peter, the bicyclist I met in Futaleufú was sitting in the kitchen. I was in a hurry to shower and go meet Mena and Melé (who I had met at the hostel in PRMB) so I asked Peter to join us. We walked down to the plaza and waited for M and M and walked to a Trattoria and there met up with Menas friends Vanessa and Luis. The food was great and relatively cheap. Peter had already eaten (it was 10:30 by this time) but the rest of us got great...

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Nov 4, 2017 - Coyhaique, Chile

Coyhaique is actually a very big city compared to all those in the CA. Some 50,000 people it's the biggest by a landslide on all the CA. They have stores and best of all a real supermarket that has real vegetables! I provisioned up since going further south the towns will be even smaller. What was strange though is there was no traffic on the CA before Coyhaique and since it's the only road this means not many people from Coyhaique leave their little bubble. Anyways, this is one of the places I booked through Airbnb - a room in a house for...

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Mar 14, 2008 - Heres an update of trip so far

Hi everyone, because we have had little time to write up the journal as the internet in southern South America has been very slow, We have decided to write an update page. You may be wondering 1) how we are getting on with everyone on the truck? well not too badly concidering we spend up to 18 hours a day together. There have been no major rows or falling outs, in fact a lot of laughs. We have 3 couples, one who lives 8 miles away from us towards Burnley. 5 single guys between 29 and 60 odd, and 11 single women from 22ish to 60ish (more...

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Dec 18, 2007 - Coyhaique

Nach einem rekordverdächtig schnellen Grenzübertritt nach Chile in nur einer halben Stunde genossen wir die Fahrt mit der Fähre über den Lago General Carrera. Mit dem Minibus gings dann auf der Carretera Austral weiter Richtung Norden nach Coyhaique. Es sieht nun so aus, als wenn wir hier tatsächlich unser erstes mehrtägiges Trekking machen könnten. Auf jeden Fall haben wir uns hier mangels Zeltvermietungen ein neues Zuhause (sprich Zelt) gekauft und sind nun stolze Eigenheimbesitzer!! :-)

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Nov 19, 2007 - Chile - Coyhaique

The views on this section were supposed to be the best on tour (which is a tall order) but cloud obscured most of them so I'll never know. Having said that, I was allowed a peek and what I saw did not disappoint. Good riding conditions (including road closures and works) added significantly to the overall wow factor. More than cloud could ever do the day was overshadowed by Mark breaking his leg and having to return to the UK. That little mishap cast a shadow (on many) for many days. Enjoy the photos ...

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