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Feb 14, 2019 - Sailing the Fjords to Punta Arenas

04 05 Feb. 14, 2019 Sailing the Fjords to Punta Arenas On our way to Punta Arenas, we encountered vast mountain ranges along the fjords. One unusually shaped mountain top looked like a Spanish Galleon. There was a ship wreck deteriorating in a shoal where it sank over 60 years ago. We were greeted with a full rainbow in the early morning as we docked in Punta Arenas. With gale force winds

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Feb 13, 2019 - El Brujo Glacier and Fjords

04 04 Feb. 13, 2019 El Brujo Glacier and Fjords We rose early and looked out our window to a stream of ice chunks flowing by. As we neared the end of the fjord, there was a gigantic glacier directly ahead. The ship was serving waffles on the pool deck to the hungry ‘ice show’ passengers. The compacted ice appears blue and is also filled with stones and dirt as it grinds its way down into the ocean. A small boat from the ship hoisted a bag of ice. I wonder if it will become an ice sculpture? We continued through the fjords through the night.

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Feb 11, 2019 - Puerto Chacabuco first Fjords

04 03 Feb. 11, 2019 Puerto Chacabuco first Fjords Sunshine woke us as we wove our way though the islands which gave a hint of the days ahead and the Chilean Fjords. This region reminded us of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Island region of Upstate New York. Our tour was scheduled in the early afternoon since the ship docked at one o’clock. A long ride into the interior let us see the mountains and plains as we followed a river toward our four destinations. The first reminded us of Simple Gift’s Farm (our son-in-law’s farm in...

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Feb 13, 2018 - Strait of Magellan, Chilean Fjords, Patagoonic Channel 180214 - Puerto Cahacabuco, Chile

We continued cruising through the Fjords and took a few more photos. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow for sharp, clear photos as it was cold, wet, windy and cloudy. We did a few things around the ship (me with another Bloody Mary and Julieann dancing). It actually turned out that the dance instructor didn’t have her “stuff” together and Julieann corrected her a number of times before being invited to teach the class (didn’t have to ask her twice). The next morning we made a short stop at Puerto Cahacabuco, Chile, which is located...

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Nov 19, 2017 - Coyhaique, Chile

In the morning, I went down to the port to check things out and I talked to the port director and gave him my phone number and he promised to Whatsapp me if anything changed. The hotel was full for that night and given that Chacabuco is a very small town with absolutely nothing going on, I decided to drive to Coyhaique an hour away and wait it out there. I got a room in a good hotel called Madero and contacted M and M and they invited me to Mena's house for dinner. In the meantime, I went to the local Eurocar office and got an estimate for...

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Nov 5, 2017 - Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

Stern = popa Bow = proa Starboard = estribor Port = babor I decided to eat dinner in the hotel even though it was a buffet. I usually don't like buffets because the food isn't good. But there's a beautiful view from the restaurant and being Sunday I figured both the two little cafes in town would be closed. I bought a bottle of wine and had a glass in the lounge overlooking the sunset over the port. Dinner is late here so a little after 8 pm I went to the restaurant and they brought the bottle of wine to my table. I started with the...

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Nov 5, 2017 - Bahia Murta, Chile

I arrived in Bahia Murta at about noon in desperate need of coffee. But there was literally no place like a cafe there. I found my cabana for the next two nights and the owner Patricio came out and remarked that I was very early. Although I was dying to get in and boil some water for coffee I knew I was 2 or 3 hours early so I didn't push it. He offered to call his buddy in Puerto Sanchez who could take me in his little boat to the isla de mármol which is a marble island with coves carved out by nature. I had planned to go see these the...

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Nov 5, 2017 - Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Chile

I picked up my clothes and Orfilia in the morning. We headed to Tranquilo where we stopped at the tourist area got gas and then visited her brother and niece and their families. They run about 6 cabanas there. Then we headed up a road towards Lago Tranquilo. Beautiful. We came to a ranch and opened the gate and drove in. Some baby geese started hopping into the car when I opened the door and I couldn't move the car as they were all over the place with their mother honking for them to come to her no doubt. A man was on horseback and there...

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Nov 5, 2017 - Coyhaique, Chile

I headed on to Coyhaique and made it before dark and arrived at my hostel. Small world again because Peter, the bicyclist I met in Futaleufú was sitting in the kitchen. I was in a hurry to shower and go meet Mena and Melé (who I had met at the hostel in PRMB) so I asked Peter to join us. We walked down to the plaza and waited for M and M and walked to a Trattoria and there met up with Menas friends Vanessa and Luis. The food was great and relatively cheap. Peter had already eaten (it was 10:30 by this time) but the rest of us got great...

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Nov 4, 2017 - Coyhaique, Chile

Coyhaique is actually a very big city compared to all those in the CA. Some 50,000 people it's the biggest by a landslide on all the CA. They have stores and best of all a real supermarket that has real vegetables! I provisioned up since going further south the towns will be even smaller. What was strange though is there was no traffic on the CA before Coyhaique and since it's the only road this means not many people from Coyhaique leave their little bubble. Anyways, this is one of the places I booked through Airbnb - a room in a house for...

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Oct 28, 2017 - Puyuhuapi, Chile

I arrived in Puyuhuapi during a very brief lull in the rain so I could take my suitcase in without getting doused. I stayed at CasaLudwig which is run by the daughter of one of the founders of this village back in the early 1900s. The founders were all German so there is a heavy German influence here. Luisa Ludwig speaks Spanish English and German. Her husband Jamie was born and raised in California. Go figure. The house is three stories and gorgeous. It has a huge salon with tables chairs and couches with a big wood stove. A beautiful view...

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Oct 27, 2017 - Puerto Raul Marin Balmeceda, Chile

The drive to PRMB was scenic as it was lush and green with a huge river along the way but at times it was very narrow and curvy and I prayed a huge truck didn't come barreling from the other direction as it had warned in my book. If you need to see a man about a horse on these roads you just stop and drop trou. There are rarely other cars and rarely any houses. I reached the ramps and saw the ferry, which only takes six cars, on the other side. It was 5:33. The sign at the beginning of the road said it went until 6:30 but the sign here said...

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