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Jul 20, 2018 - Whitehorse, Yukon

Drove from Watson Lake to Whitehorse today. The drive was beautiful, especially along Teslin Lake, and the weather great. It was 39 early in the drive but warmed up to around the mid 60's in Whitehorse. Had a moose run across the road in front of us but not too close. Other than the moose we just saw a bunch of rabbits today. We are taking a bus trip to Fraser, BC and the White Pass Rail to Skagway, Alaska and back to catch the bus back to Whitehorse. We will be here til Monday when we head to Dawson City, the home of the gold rush of the...

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Jul 18, 2018 - July 18 day 16

Today begins out official trek to Alaska, beginning in Kitwanga BC. So far it’s been an incredible journey through the United States and western Canada. Really hot weather until we got to Calgary and even in the upper 80’s during the days there. Some short hiking and biking along the way , some great campgrounds some not so much, we spent 2 days in Custer SD, did Custer National Park, drove by Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, then on to the Calgary stampede! Very cool, were there for the championship lots of fun. Rode bikes down the Olympic...

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Jul 9, 2018 - Travel to Whitehorse

Had a short drive (2 hours) to Whitehorse, capital of Yukon. Traffic picked up some as we neared Whitehorse, which seems to have a lot going on. 2016 population of about 25,000. They have nicely done the waterfront, there are other nice attractions as well, including what appears to be a pretty good airport. They have a Walmart, $1.45/liter gasoline, a good car wash, etc. Wouldn’t mind coming back here sometime. We are getting worn down some so we left some places of interest for a later visit.

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Jul 6, 2018 - Alaska Highway Miles 423 to 892

We arrived at Liard Hot Springs and had a wonderful dip in the Springs. The water is 127 degrees at the source and about 105 in the middle of the spring. They built a stair and landing area so you can get in the water safely, but other than that it is all natural. This place must be fantastic in the winter. It’s one of the hardest places to get an RV lot but we got lucky. Great nights sleep an then we set off for a long days drive to Teslin YK. We wanted to be able to get to Whitehorse the next day. Great scenery and lots of wildlife as you...

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Jun 27, 2018 - Destination - Whitehorse, Yukon

JUNE 18th Our drive from Watson Lake to Whitehorse had some beautiful views, road construction & gravel on the highway in some areas. Didn't see any wildlife on this trip, hoping to see more in Alaska. Pete & I have been sitting here waiting to have a new brake controller installed in the truck (which will happen on the 28th). Roger & ReeAnn left here on the 19th, they are waiting in Tok, Alaska for us to catch up with them. We will see them on Friday the 29th. Looking forward to seeing them again & the four of us can finally hit the road...

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May 31, 2018 - Whitehorse, Yukon day 2

May 31 Whitehorse Day 2 Another beautiful day! 36 this am. Sunrise 4:44, sunset 11:13. We could have worn gloves on our walk first thing, but it wasn't too bad. We tried to find the coffee shop our journey host recommended, but no luck, so off to Tim Horton’s. There is a Starbucks too, but not our thing. We did a little shopping once the stores opened. After that, we rented bikes and rode on the Millennium Trail for a couple of hours. It was so much fun and the weather was nice for biking. We rode up toward the Schwatka Lake Dam. After we...

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May 30, 2018 - Whitehorse, Yukon

May 30 Vancouver to Whitehorse, Yukon What a great day! Our Yukon/Alaska tour started with a flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse. The Air North 737 flight was very smooth except some mild turbulence just before landing. It took about 2 hrs and 10 min. We were surprised that they provided us with a great lunch. It was a ham, turkey or veggie sandwich on Chiabatta bread, some snack mix sort of like chex mix and soda or coffee. It tasted great, and then they brought us a warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that was delicious, topped off with a...

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May 24, 2018 - Alaska Highway

Day: 13 Miles: 350 Total Miles: 3306 Start: Boya Lake, BC Stop: Whitehorse, YT Campground: Hi Country RV Park The Cassiar Highway ends at the junction with the Alaska Highway, about 11 miles west of Watson Lake, YT. After about 400 miles on the Cassiar, we are ready for a change. We had a steady rain all night last night, but the sun was shining early this morning with a beautiful view of Boya Lake. We had a nice breakfast at Watson Lake and then moved across the street to the Sign Post Forest to look for our sign that we “planted” in 2011....

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Alaska 2018

Aug 7, 2017 - Whitehorse, again

We had a bit of a rough drive again today to Whitehorse today due to frost heaves, so we just took it slow. We followed south along the Kluane Lake, crossing it at the southern end which has become dry and windy where the Slims River used to empty into the lake. Here is an explanation: The Slims river has been the main source of water into Yukon's Kluane Lake for centuries, but now the Slims River has suddenly slimmed down — to nothing. “We have noticed this spring is that it's essentially dried up," said Jeff Bond of the Yukon Geological...

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Jun 25, 2017 - Whitehorse With Wigmores

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD When we were first inspired to travel to the Yukon in order to take the flight over the glacier fields in Kluane National Park, we thought it might be a great adventure to drive from Victoria up and back. It would be better if we could have driven north and returned by ferry from Alaska or even Prince Rupert, but that is not an option because I don’t do well on the water. A few months later when we were really getting into planning our trip we began to realize that it would take several days to drive all the way...

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Jun 23, 2017 - Whitehorse, Yukon

WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory: Started up the Alaska Highway on Jun 17/17 and drove through to Fort Nelson, BC. Road pretty good and relatively flat and straight. We saw 2 deer, 2 black bears and LOTS of trees. Next day we camped at Liard River after starting back into the mountains again. Did a scenic stop at Muncho Lake – really pretty – and our wildlife spotting for the day was a buffalo, 2 female moose and a black bear. We checked out the hot springs and then after dinner Ron, Don and I walked over to the hot springs and stayed in the...

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Jun 23, 2017 - Back To Whitehorse

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD We were due to return our rental car at noon on June 23rd, but because our glacier flight had been postponed one day, there was no way we could return it in time. We were able to reach the rental company and extend the booking for one more day, thank goodness it wasn’t the height of summer or we might have had more trouble. This meant that we could return to Mt. Logan Lodge and share our flight experience with Dianna and Gordon, have a leisurely breakfast and relax in our room until it was time for check out. It...

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