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Jul 30, 2013 - Back at White River, Yukon, Canada

Back at White River, Yukon Territory, where I can pay for things with my debit card. Most businesses in the USA do not accept debit cards unless it is also a credit card. In the United States, your debit card will still work if you run out of money because it will simply go on your credit card. In Canada this is not possible because debit and credit are on separate cards. The only places that accepted my debit card were Walmart, Safeway and about 50 percent of the major gas stations. No campground or other businesses would accept it. All...

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Aug 22, 2006 - There's a mouse in the house!

This morning began at 3:00 in the Dawson Creek Campground with the sound of crunching coming from our snack cupboard. When I opened it up, I found that a couple of packages of Raman Noodles had been chewed into. The Scurry of little feet could be heard in the walls. Everyone, but Jayden who slept through the whole thing, spent the next couple hours trying to outwit our unwanted quests into leaving. We cleared out all the food, we sprayed Lysol, we turned on the oven, we made a raquet banging on the walls. Nothing worked, and the only thing...

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