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Aug 6, 2015 - Million Dollar Falls Campground, Yukon Territory

August 6, 2015-Million Dollar Falls Campground, Yukon Territory When we awoke at Kathleen Lake, Kluane NP, it was very gray with clouds dropping over the mountaintops to cuddle in the cirques and crevices. After taking another walk to the lake, we packed up and drove about 53 miles to Million Dollar Falls Campground, a Yukon Territory campground. As we entered the camping loop looking for a spot, a huge, and I mean huge, brown bear (Grizzly) ran right in front of the RV and missed us by about 6 feet. He was really running fast and as we...

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Aug 5, 2015 - Denali to Fairbanks to Tok to Quartz Lake to Kluane Lake

August 5, 2015-Denali to Fairbanks to Tok to Quartz Lake to Kluane Lake We left Denali NP and headed north to Fairbanks taking a more round-a-bout route to get back to Tok, Alaska because we wanted to avoid the Tok Cutoff and Denali Highways, both horrible roads. On the way to Fairbanks, we saw a moose grazing on the side of the road. Bob tried his moose love call but all he got in return was an “ears back” stare. He must be losing his touch. While in Fairbanks, we stayed at Chena River state park. We went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market...

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Jul 26, 2014 - Whitehorse, YK to Kluane Lake,Yk

Another wet day for travel. We had a short travel day but found a great RV park on the Kluane Lake and enjoyed our afternoon. The sun did come out and several of the group enjoyed a walk around the area and down by the lake. We did have happy hour and dinner inside because it got cool rather quick. We all added an extra blanket to our beds and it felt really good.

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Jun 10, 2014 - Lake Kluane

Once again we left in the pouring rain as we continued up the Alcan. It made us really appreciate the blue skies that were over Lake Kluane when we arrived at 3pm. We walked up the mountain to Soldier’s Summit where the Alcan ribbon cutting took place in Nov., 1942. It’s worth the stop to listen to the audio on the mountain top as you gaze back toward the bright blue waters of the immense lake. What a sight! We moved on just a few miles to camp on the lake at Congdon, a Yukon government campground right on the water with views of the high...

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Aug 14, 2013 - Roller Coaster Road

8-13-2013 From: Tok, Alaska To: Kluane Lake, Yukon, Canada. Today is another Kramer milestone, we have been on the road for 3 months, today! Today’s road going South toward Whitehorse was by far the worst road we have traveled over this whole trip. It was truely like constantly riding on a roller coaster! We were lucky to go 30mph in the best places, and it took us 7 hours to go 220 miles. Spike and I saw a truck and trailer going in the opposite direction and the guy became airborne in the cab of his truck. It lifted him about 3” out of...

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Jun 27, 2013 - A short swing thru the Yukon Territory on our way to Haines

We need to pass thru the far south-western corner of the Yukon Territory ... and the far northwestern corner of British Columbia in order to make our way to Haines, Alaska, where we will catch the ferry next Friday. On the way ... oh such beautiful country to see ... and more brown bears, as you'll see. Also ... the worst roads of the entire trip are in the Yukon between Beaver Creek and Haines Junction ... that's what we heard ... that's what we experienced. 100 miles felt like a thousand on the nasty roads ... frost heaves, road...

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May 20, 2013 - Kluane Lake, Yukon

Wolf Creek Campground has a playground and great walking trail with a view of the Yukon River. The crocus plants were blooming, largest I've ever seen, plus they are fuzzy. If we had driven over the creek bridge last night we would have found many more camping sites. Great spot for the people of Whitehorse to camp, as it is only a short distance to town. Drove into town to find most everything closed for the holiday. Found an open bakery with the best, I mean the BEST ever, cinnamon bus, beats Cinnabons and everything on the AK Hwy hands...

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Aug 23, 2012 - destruction bay

just traveling, made one night stop in Tok, and one night here, With a big dinner. got pic of bear on road, if i had been quicker with cam - he was right in front of me... In Tok was able to power wash rig to no avale, went thru 30 mi construction getting to destruction bay, and to keep down dust they were spraying lots of water on road, what a mess!!!

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Aug 1, 2012 - Leaving Alaska ; (

On Sunday, July 29th, we left Valdez. Thursday and Friday were beautiful in Valdez, Saturday, not so much and Sunday made us glad we were leaving. The clouds had really moved in on Saturday and by Sunday it was raining. So it was a good time to move on. Valdez does sit in a picture perfect spot but if you are not into fishing there isn't too much to do. Not too far up the road is the Visitor Center for Wrangell-St. Elias National Park It is a beautiful Visitor's Center with a building for information and purchasing of books etc, another...

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Jul 25, 2012 - Fairbanks to Kluane Lake

Many places offer free WiFi in Alaska and Canada... service is somewhat slow however, and if I attempt to download pictures someone may be injured by flying debris. (My laptop) My apologies for the long wait on these entries, and replies to emails. The drive on the Alaskan Highway thus far, has been beautiful. After a brief stop at North Pole so Cindy could live her dreams of seeing Santa at "his place", we headed onward to the Canadian border. Canada's landscape is vast, and reminds me of the tour through Denali, (Only more trees) with...

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Jul 16, 2012 - to Kluane Lake from Takhini

Our Monday morning was kick-started by rain starting to spit at 6:00. Hubby did a great job of getting us moving and packed up before the hard rain started an hour later but we had to settle for a breakfast of cold cereal today. The red fox pranced by to see if we had left any tasty treats. He was disappointed to find a clean camp. We hoped to buy a few regional items in Whitehorse but only the Tim Horton's was open that early. At least we got a hot cup of coffee! We used the beautiful Visitor Center again to freshen up for the drive north...

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Alaska from a tent

Jul 12, 2012 - Kluane Lake, Yukon

Cottonwood RV Park – Kluane Lake – Destruction Bay. Very nice campground, but only 15 amps electric and no other hookups. Have to pack out our garbage due to bear problems in the area. The other campground in the area has been closed because of bear probs. Town was built as a way station for RR and a storm destroyed alot of the bildings and materials (hence the name). Long day. Sun was out all the way – even got a little warm. Really scenic part of the Alaska Hwy. We could see the tops of the Wrangell-St.Elias mountains as a backdrop to the...

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