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Jul 15, 2005 - Craik to Regina - 124 km

I'm pleased to confirm that double-pegging the tent was unnecessary as the wind died down overnight. The campsite's birds were awake well before us, doing the proverbial water-cooler chat on the roof of their elevated birdhouse. Today I would be cycling into my city of birth. I was hatched in Regina in 1972, but the family moved to the coast two years later so for all intents and purposes I am a Vancouver boy. I'd say 80% of Vancouverites were not actually born in Vancouver; the other 20% are lying. I was last in Regina was five years ago...

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Jul 5, 2005 - The Long Trek to Regina

Well Okay, maybe it wasn't exactly an early start... We got up and had a bite to eat and then headed off on the long, long, road. Goodbye to Grandma and the Acme Relatives hopefully we'll see some of you on the journey back. We had a great stay and there was still so much to see and do we felt like we could have stayed a least a week. I don't think I remembered clearly just how long the day is when you're driving to Regina from the Calgary area. If you have kids - don't do it. Having said that my kids were excellent and amazing. They, read,...

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Sep 19, 2004 - Moose Jaw and Regina

Up early - boys to "school" - mom teaching, dad busy doing the driving. We drove as far as Moose Jaw, before taking a break. Went on a Tour of the Tunnels in Moose Jaw -- took both tours -- one on the plight of the Chinese immigrants in Canada. The second tour had to do with the tunnels being used during prohibition - for rum running - and supposedly Al Capone's visit to the area (because it was at the end of the SOO line out of Chicago. The tunnels were originally made by the steam engineer's to connect the boiler systems between...

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