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Jul 10, 2016 - Fieldstone Campground, Moosomin, Sask.

Today we continued our eastward travel. We passed through Moose Jaw, and Regina before finally arriving at Moosomin, in the eastern part of Saskatchewan. We past acres and acres of crops along this route. The canola is in full flower and the flax is not far behind. The wheat is also coming into head. We saw an airplane spraying a wheat field, I would assume with a head fungicide. It was neat to see the many equipment dealers here in farm country. Many new combines, of all colours are filling equipment dealer yards. This is obviously a very...

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Aug 11, 2014 - Moosomin, SK

Another flat terrain drive today. Pulled into Fieldstone Campground & RV Resort at 12:50 and had to wait till 3:00 to register. Nice campground with no shortage of mosquitoes. Can't believe how early it's getting dark. I guess we got used to the sun still being up and bright at 10:00. We'll be back in the States tomorrow.

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2014 Alaska Trip

Jul 31, 2013 - 4th week on the road

Today marks our 4th week on the road. We’ve seen, visited and done so much during these 29 days. Time sure flies when your days are full. We’re on our way by 9:30 under blue skies, but still pretty cool. We continued east through Saskatchewan, more canola fields, but today the crops changed. We came across fields and fields of a blue/purple crop. Dad, check out the pictures. Any idea what it is? We asked a local, once we arrived at our campsite, but he was not able to enlighten us. Finding campgrounds has been a challenge for us since we’ve...

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Jun 29, 2008 - Moosomin

Sunday began with a breakfast worthy of Waffle House again complete with smothered hash browns. As I was getting dressed from the shower Mom hollered for me to bring GG out to visit 2 other schnauzers being walked by a lady. The lady who lives in Austin, TX has a 100 year old mother living in a nursing home in Winnipeg. She drives her Holiday Rambler to Winnipeg each summer to visit her mother. The dogs, rescues were named Pumpkin (female) who was rescued on Halloween 10 years ago and Pepe` Lapew (male) because he smelled so bad. Pepe was...

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Jul 16, 2007 - Moosomin, Saskatchewan

Thunder and Lightning! We had our first prairie electrical storm at the Ponderosa in Swift Current last night and it was a good one. When we went to bed about 11:00pm, the skies were clear and it was 35C. About 2:00am, the thunder and lightning started and the skies lit up with flashes - very impressive, and pretty loud too! Then came strong wind gusts followed by heavy rain. This was a good old fashioned prairie thunderstorm. We kind of enjoyed it - seeing the spectacular lightning show and all, but we were a bit worried about the wind as...

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