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Aug 14, 2010 - Trip to the Lachine Rapids

Everybody up and excited this morning as Kim, Ian and the boys are headed to Montreal to go jet boating on the St Lawrence River, specifically the Lachine rapids. They will drive to the Metro and take the subway downtown. Much easier than driving and trying to find a parking spot. Marilyn and I hung around the campsite and slowly packed a few things in anticipation of moving on tommorrow. Everybody returned around 5:00 and their day had been "AWESOME" (Jack's word). Had dinner and then all of us went to the dance. What a blast! It was a DJ...

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Aug 13, 2010 - Last Day of Hockey School

Hockey school finishes today. It has been a great week for Jackson and he is already asking about coming back next year. Ian and I took him to the arena and Jackson gave his Dad the tour. We headed back to the campground and at 10:30 Kim, Ian and Nate went back to the arena to watch the morning ice time. Jared stayed with Marilyn and I as he was more interested in mini golf and swimming. Hung around for the afternoon. Ian went back to the arena to watch Jack's afternoon ice time and to pick him up (and his equipment). They also took the...

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Aug 12, 2010 - Laundry Day

Today was laundry day. Took Jack to hockey school and then Marilyn (mostly) and I did the laundry. On the way to the arena we picked up some groceries and after picking up Jack we headed back to the campground. Had a swim as it has become hot. Kim, Ian and the boys arrived at 6:30 PM and Jack was excited to see his family. Had dinner and a campfire. Kim had purchased giant roaster marshmallows on her trip to the Kansas City and it was fun roasting them. Early to bed as tomorrow will be a busy day.

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Aug 11, 2010 - Val-David For Ham

Today we dropped Jack at camp (he's feeling great) and headed north to the Laurentians. Not too sure how far we'll go but our first stop is Val-David which is about half way between Saint Saveur and Mont Tremblant, about 45 minutes north of Saint Therese. We are looking forward to lunch at Au Petit Poucet which is famous for its maple smoked ham and baked beans. This restaurant was highly recommended by David Docherty (Kris' David). He was right. It was fabulous. We had a sample plate-baked beans, pea soup, three kinds of pate, tortiere,...

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Aug 10, 2010 - Replacing the Lost Sunglasses

Hockey school Day 2. At the rink by 8:45 AM. Sessions start at 9:00 AM. Jack met a few kids. They were from Sudbury, Newfoundland, Chicago, Ottawa and Montreal. Lots of French spoken. Only 4 English only kids in his group (15 kids), a few bilingual and lots of French. His legs are a little better after a good night's sleep. Marilyn and I went to the mall to shop for sunglasses for me as I had lost mine on our trip to Montreal. After that we picked up Jack and followed the same routine. Another good day.

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Aug 9, 2010 - First Day of Hockey School

Hockey school begins. Got to the rink at 8:30 AM and registered Jack. Settled him in his dressing room which was really nice as it was the local college team's room so there were stalls and all kinds of hooks. They get to keep their equipment in the room for the whole week so there is no lugging it back and forth. Hooray! Jack thought this was “SICK”. Marilyn and I worked on our trip to Italy and actually booked some places so we feel better. All we have to do now is reserve a car and a few other minor details. Spent the rest of the day...

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Aug 8, 2010 - Trip to Montreal

Today we decided to go to Montreal and see the Bell Centre – home of the Montreal Canadiens. Drove to Laval and parked at the Montmorency Metro Station and then took the Metro (subway) downtown. By this time it was close to lunch so we got off the Metro at Sherbrooke Station, caught a bus to Rue Saint Laurent and had lunch at Schwartz's Deli – a Montreal institution. Some say it's the home of the best smoked meat sandwich in Montreal and we won't disagree. Sat at the counter and had lunch-smoked meat sandwiches and dill pickles. Delicious!...

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Aug 7, 2010 - Western Day at the Campground

Spent the morning checking out the location of the hockey school. It is only 10 minutes from the campground so will make an easy trip in the morning. Just before we left the campground an ATV towing a trailer drove by and they were selling baked beans for Western Day. We had to buy 2 portions and will have them for dinner tonight. Jack got a Sherrif's badge and a boot keychain/flashlight. No I'm not kidding. Found the hockey school location and did some shopping. We went to St. Hubert's for lunch. It is the original "chicken restaurant" and...

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Aug 6, 2010 - Mirabel Campground

Left Arden at 10:00 AM and had a great drive on Hwy #7 to Ottawa. Lunch in the parking lot of Scotia Bank Place, home of the Ottawa Senators. (Jack's request) We had a look in the souvenir shop and they let us in to see the ice surface. An easy drive to Sainte-Therese and Mirabel campground. It is a huge RV resort which is not our usual style but it is only 10 minutes from the arena. Set up, walked around the place, dinner, campfire and bed. Tomorrow we'll tour the area.

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