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Sep 1, 2017 - Bonaventure Island

2017-09-01.Bonaventure Island From our campsite atop a hill only a few hundred yards from the lighthouse, we can see both the Rocher Perce' (Perce' Rock) and Bonaventure Island, a Quebec provincial park. Each day, the tour boats take visitors across the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the park to see the colony of Northern Gannets, a threatened sea bird species. Bob and I went to the tourist office to get some information on hiking and other activities, including the Bonaventure Island trip and thankfully, the woman I spoke with suggested that we...

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Jul 8, 2017 - Travel to Perce

We only had about 60 miles to travel today but it was up and down mountains with lots of areas of construction. Still, we got there at lunchtime in a fog. We were told we would have a terrific view once the fog lifts. This is a cute little town with many shops and restaurants in a little area. We went to look for a letterbox first but didn’t find it. We believe it is missing from the place it was hidden, although it should have been able to stay there. Letterboxing isn’t big in these parts! Anyway, we paid a dollar to walk up a very small...

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May 26, 2017 - the Pleasures of Perce

Perce, about 30km south of our campground, was on our itinerary for today. Perce is made up of a district of 17 villages that also has a town with its namesake. So the road from St. George de Malbaie into Perce encompasses several homes and very, very small townsites – some on the water & a couple inland. The homes in this area are not nearly as picturesque or well-kept as the ones we have seen over the last couple of days. More weather worn, worn out and worn down! The hills continue as we went down one with a 17% grade – the truck tires...

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May 25, 2017 - this part of Quebec is "La Belle Province"

We really do apologize for going on about the absolutely stunning scenery along this section of Hwy 132…..but it is so, so pretty. Today we deked into the waterfront roads of several towns – what a wonderful thing to do, the houses & towns were beautiful as they are right on the water, some at water’s edge & others on cliffs above the shoreline. Each home is unique, each one neatly painted – no cookie cutter homes here. Some with shutters, some with ornate carvings on their facias, some with colourful roofs, some with lookout towers, some...

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Aug 17, 2015 - Perce, Quebec

We finally got a decent WiFi connection here in Perce, Quebec (pronounced per-SAY) so I thought I would include a few photos. Pattie has already uploaded some on Facebook from the Acadian Festival we attended and some of the spectacular sunsets. The scenery along the Gaspe Peninsula coast is spectacular! Tomorrow, we will visit the town of Gaspe which everyone says is very interesting and scenic. We will spend a few more days in the area and then head south to Quebec City which is about 450 miles south.

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Jul 4, 2015 - Percé

There's something special about celebrating the 4th of July when you're not in the USA. The trip leaders treated us to breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon inside so you didn't even need to use plates or silverware. They had time to cook, because we only had sixty miles to drive today. This also meant we had a late departure, which gave us time to visit a few sites in Forillon National Park that we missed in yesterday's rain. The view from the aptly named Cap Bon Ami was great and we ran into a man who had seen a mother porcupine...

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Jul 4, 2015 - Perce, Quebec

Perce is a former fishing village on the Gulf of St Lawrence. It is named for a large rock formation just off the beach called 'Le Rocher Perce' or the pierced rock. Discovered in 1603 by Samuel de Champlain, it had 2 arches but the second arch fell in 1836. The village was established as a seasonal fishing station during colonial times, then became a year-round fishing village in 1801. Just offshore is Bonaventure Island, a bird nesting site for the Northern Gannet Bird, mures, and puffins. The rock and the island are preserved by the...

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Oct 9, 2013 - Blog Six - Perce

BLOG SIX WEDNESDAY – 2 Oct 13 Today is the start of what we consider to be the start of the second quarter of our journey. We leave behind the big cities and move into the smaller towns and provinces of the east. We’ve also noticed a continual slide in temperature. We started in very hot conditions in Toronto but since that first week there has been a continual drop such that the average day time temperature is now around 15 degrees during the day and about 5 during the evening. This is no doubt a taste of the general direction that will...

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Jul 22, 2013 - Sue to the Top

Sue just had to get to the top of Mount Saint Anne. So today the three of us headed back up the mountain. Yesterday was a quiet Sunday. I got up at 4:30, took a picture of sunrise and had a great long run on route 132 along the water. It was a beautiful day and an enjoyable run. While I chilled on Sunday afternoon, Sue walked from the campground into Percé for the exercise and some shopping. It was almost noon today before we headed up the road to the first viewpoint on the Saint Anne trail. From there we hiked the path to viewpoints 2 and...

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Jul 19, 2013 - Camping Cote Surprise

We took a few pictures today around Camping Cote Surprise. Sue arose at 5:00 to get a shot of Rocher Percé just after sunrise. Then while I was doing a short run I discovered some wild flowers that provided a nice foreground for looking at the rocky features of this area.

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Jul 17, 2013 - The Grande Crevasse

Today was supposed to be a day of rest. But the weather was beautiful and Sue thought that it would be a nice day for a stroll on one of the paths. When we were unable to drive up a four-wheel drive road to her planned starting point, she decided that shopping in Percé would be a better use of her time. So Annie and I dropped her off in town and drove to the start of the Sentier de Pied Croches at the, now closed, Auberge Gargantua. The Sentier de Pied Croches is a 1.5K path that goes from the auberge to the Grande Crevasse at the top of a...

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Jul 16, 2013 - Bonaventure Island

Probably the most popular tourist activity in Percé is a boat trip around and to Bonaventure Island. Annie had to stay home because the island is a Quebec National Park (they don’t like dogs). The boat trip was a 45 minute ride that began with a close up look at Rocher Percé (row-shay pair-say) from both sides of the rock. We then went to the far side of Bonaventure Island for a look at the cliffs and the 50,000, more or less, birds that breed there. Bonaventure is a major breeding ground for gannets. We docked at the island, paid our $6.50...

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