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Aug 23, 2018 - Mont Louis

Yesterday it rained all day and Ray worked on the ceiling fans, got one to work and thinks he knows what is needed to fix the other two: parts. Today we took a scenic drive on the Gaspe peninsula. We went through mountains and turns, beautiful views of the coast with the st. Lawrence always in view. We are in a beautiful spot here in mont Louis, only problem is the site isn’t level, we had to go with a backin because of the change in date. Also no Dish reception. We do get XM radio but aren’t listening to tv on it tonight. WiFi is good. The...

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Jul 26, 2008 - A lovely little village

I load up and what I tend to do now is to start up Elsie and get her all warmed up. Well, she doesn’t. Nothing and I just look at her as literally I feel as if this place is worse than Spuzum, BC! OK, what to do. I desperately try to remember my mechanical days. So, out come the tools and I remove the plugs. Mmm, they look OK but a little wet with gas. Let’s see if I get a spark – I do. OK, well let Elsie clear her throat and put the plugs back in and – yay, she starts. I load up and make my way over the bridge and into Quebec. First the...

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Aug 10, 2007 - Gaspesie Peninsula, Quebec

For 2 ½ days we have traveled east along 370 miles of the beautiful southern shore of the St Lawrence River as it grows wider and wider. We can just barely see the northern shore now, more than 40 miles away. The scenery has changed now to very small towns right on the shore and high mountains inland. We are stopped tonight due to some bridge damage from the heavy rains 2 days ago. We are happy to be cautious since we were within sight of the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed just 2 days before the event. But our luck runs true - we are...

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