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Jul 7, 2013 - Historic village of Val-Jalbert

We are camping at the historic site of Val-Jalbert in Chambord, Quebec. It is a restored historic village from the early 1900s. Originally built by the Chicoutimi Pulp and Paper Company, it was a true "company town" where the company provided housing for the workers and their families as well as a general store, post office, school and church. The village was shut down in 1927 and abandoned. In the 1960's the government decided to restore the village as a historic site and invested over 20 million dollars. It reminds me of Old Sturbridge...

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Jul 4, 2011 - The St Maurice River ride

After three days of nature camping it is time to continue with our trip. We will be heading south back to Trois Rivieres for 10 to 14 days. At first I had planned to return the same way south as I had take north to Saguenay but my friend Alain told me that the road from Chambord to La Tuque to Trois Rivieres was quite wide for a two lane road and that the scenery was quite impressive. So here we go on what used to be HWY 19. From Chambord to La Tuque the scenery is very nice with small hills, mountains and lakes but where it gets awsome is...

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Jul 1, 2005 - Lac Sainte Jean

Today we left the Saguenay and headed to Lac Sainte Jean. Lac Sainte Jean a former glacial basin, is the source of the Saguenay River that flows out through the scenic cliff lined Saquenay Fjord . The fertile plains and forests around the lake are part of the Canadian Shield. In August large quantities of blueberries are harvested here.

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Jul 1, 2005 - Val Jalbert

Val Jalbert is a deserted village standing in the centre of a provincial park. Here close to a spectacular 236ft waterfall capable of providing almost unlimited water power, the industrialist Damas Jalbert built in 1901, a sawmill and paper and cardboard factory, together with a village to accommodate the workforce which was 1,000 strong. By 1927 the factory had closed down and the settlement became a ghost town. We spent the day exploring the ghost town.

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