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Aug 26, 2010 - Charlottetown. PEI

Charlottetown had a real nice feel to it. We were there on a cruise ship day so there was more people than usual milling around but even when we returned in the evening the restaurants and bars were thriving. What obviously helped was the freakishly warm weather we continue to enjoy so the open air dining venues were all doing well and the streets and avenues were alive with the sound of live music. We strolled along the riverside boardwalk and watched the sunset from Victoria Park. Poor Poppy was pretty worn out but we all enjoyed the town...

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Aug 25, 2010 - Prince Edward Island

Today we took the ferry across to Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia. Perfect weather for the crossing which took 75 minutes. We spotted some pilot whales and there was even entertainment provided on the ferry by way of a local folk singer. So a relaxing way to provide our introduction to the island. The first thing that strikes you as you approach is the dark red colour of the sand and soil, pretty much like Torbay. Once disembarked we had a very pleasant drive along the scenic byway to our campsite in Cornwall, on the outskirts of the...

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Aug 15, 2010 - Some time off and more sightseeing on PEI

My parents and most others on the tour left on Tuesday morning and those of us left arranged a group dinner at a lobster house in New Glasgow. We had a great time gorging ourselves on all you can eat mussels, salad, clam chowder, desserts and each person had to order an entree - we ordered scallops. On Wednesday more people left and on Thursday the others left. We still weren’t ready to go yet - recovering from 33 days without a real break. We explored more of Charlottetown and the island seeing the beaches on the south side and the great...

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Aug 13, 2010 - Confederation

Today we headed for the largest centre on PEI. Once we arrived we headed tp the compact downtown. The city has a population of approx 125,000. Therefore, all the major sights and locations can be found via walking proximity. The city is known for 1 major event. The site of confederation negotiations. In 1864 the fathers of confederation met to discuss the possibility of forming a unified country. The delegates met,wined and dined for a week. Nothing was signed, but they agreed to meet further. And today we have the country we live in. We...

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Aug 7, 2010 - Ferry to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Ferry to Prince Edward Island (PEI). We were to go to the ferry terminal as a group, but we went early. After asking the Tracks leaders where in the campground we are to line up 6 times last night and never getting an answer, we drove to the ferry terminal and they told us which lanes they want us to use. So, this morning we (along with my parents) drove to the terminal. The leaders were a little upset - they wanted to convoy to the terminal, but they got over it fairly quickly. The ferry was short - only 1hr 15min.

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Aug 6, 2010 - Catch Up from PEI

Despite the rant the other day about Canadian prices, it’s a great place. PEI is kind of like Delaware without the traffic, a mix of small city, shore (I hesitate to say beach), and farming. Charlottetown is the provincial capital and the largest city. They’re slowly converting the waterfront area from industrial use to entertainment, shopping, and eating. We stayed at a campground about 15 miles north of town on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It’s nice but a little crowded and it had internet access only when it wasn’t raining. Since it rained...

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Aug 2, 2010 - Canadian Prices

We finally got the windshield replaced on Winnie on Monday. It was cracked all the way across. While we waited, we did the laundry down the street. I can’t believe it cost nearly $15 (Canadian) to do 2 loads. According to the woman at the Laundromat, they use LPG for the dryers because electricity is so expensive. The washers were $5 per load and the dryers cost $0.25 for 2 minutes! I can’t believe how expensive it is to visit (live?) in Canada. Gas has ranged from $0.96 to $1.13 per liter ($3.63 to $4.27/gallon), but the price can only be...

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Jul 8, 2010 - PEI

3 Jul Tyne Valley Across the Confederation Bridge. Stop at sovie store and across the back roads of the island and endless potato fields we go. Anne of Green Gables Red Dirt and end up at friends place for a few days of talking bike riding beer and steaks. Early nite for sure 4 Jul Summerside to visit with more old friends, Timmie's and cruising the island on the bike. Malpeque oysters on the half shell, seafood chowder and Greek salad. Another great Maritime day except for the MOSQUITOES which drive all a little crazy. NOTE to all Timmies...

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Nascar Adventure

Jun 28, 2010 - Prince Edward Island (PEI), Oyster Bed Bridge

We awoke Friday morning to a brilliant, clear blue sky with a forecast for the best day of the weekend. Our decision was to follow the north shore of central PEI seeing the National Park beaches and lands. We did geocaching, walking on the beaches and exploring most of the day. Brackley Beach, which is very close to our campground, with its sand dunes is our favorite. We also traveled further west towards Cavendish. Linda toured the Anne of Green Gables and Brook Hollow while Jim took a rest/break in the afternoon. Jim treated us to a...

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Jun 25, 2010 - SEALS AND PEI (Prince Edward Island)

NEW BRUNSWICK TO PEI OVER CONFEDERATION BRIDGE: Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island is a VERY long bridge and we feel as if we are going into a rather unique place—and it is. It’s a province all by itself, although with only about 150,000 inhabitants, the population is only about as large as a good-sized city. We are surprised to see the “red dirt” shirts (like we had seen in Hawaii) until we find the red sands of the central coast drive. We drive about four hours to get to our campground, but are delighted to look right over the...

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Oct 6, 2009 - Charlottetown

Charlottetown is on the menu for the day....our first stop is the Beaconsfield Historic House, built in 1877 for shipbuilder James Peake & his wife, Edith. Built by John Lewis, Beaconsfield was equipped with all the latest conveniences including gas lighting, running water and a form of central heating. It was one of Charlottetown's finest homes, with 25 rooms, eight fireplaces and imported chandeliers. Later used as a ladies & nurses residence, it has been beautifully redecorated in Victorian elegance, with many of the enduring and lovely...

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Sep 27, 2009 - Forced Relaxation on PEI

The longest bridge in the world over freezing water spans the 13 km gap between New Brunswick and Canada’s smallest province- Prince Edward Island. This small chunk of flat red rock looks the picture of rural England with country roads crisscrossing potato farms and other agriculture. I have no idea what the locals spend their time doing (apart from eating seafood and potatoes) they must have the lowest blood pressure ever- it was a very relaxed island. We spent our time visiting the many beaches and lighthouses on this island. One evening...

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