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Sep 30, 2017 - Connecting with the Past

Today was a short day as we drove to Grand Pre Historic site just over an hour away. This area was the original home of the Acadians, the earliest settlers in Canada from the 1600's. And as it turns out, where the families of both Michelle and Mitch (our daughter's husband) originated from. Both their families were one of the first 50 in the area. Michelle was looking at a map on the wall showing where some of the families lived back then and she found her family name and then the sales girl came up and said that she was also a Pitre... her...

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Sep 11, 2017 - tidal bore(ing)

Today we have arranged to meet Lari and Gayle in Truro and as we move along the coast the rain starts falling. By noon however we have dumped the trailer in its new home and the skies are brightening. After a few mis-turns in Truro we pull into Victoria Park and we all head off on a 2 waterfall hike through a gorge with tall trees and a little stream trickling through. There is a staircase partway along our trail that begs investigation. 187 steps UP and we discover another trail heading off into the woods. Nope – gonna stick to our...

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Sep 10, 2017 - watching the tide roll in.......more fun than you can imagine!

A slowish start to the day but by noon we are at Halls Harbour to witness the huge tides in action. This harbour is located in a very narrow steep gorge with a tiny stream running to the sea and the boats are sitting on the mud when we arrive. Our timing is perfect as in the next 90 minutes we watch as the expansive beach at the mouth of the harbour disappears so quickly you feel like you are watching time-lapse photography. The harbour bottom quickly fills and you can watch the stream flow stop as the tidal flow pushes deeper up stream...

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Sep 9, 2017 - hey.........we know those guys!

Wayne has barely sipped his coffee when Donna emerges from the bedroom dressed and eager to hit the Wolfville farmers market. Vendors are still setting up as we pull into the parking lot – grrrrr, could have slept in a bit longer, Donna muses. Our mission is to find some wines for Laura and Erin at the wineries represented here, in addition to the two breweries and two distilleries. These folks are all busy pouring samples at 9am – bit early to start imbibing we think but apparently not as potential customers are lined up at these...

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Sep 8, 2017 - Wolfville - our kind of town!

We hitch up the trailer and hit the local road following the Annapolis River as it winds through lush farmland. Traffic is very light so we dawdle through the several towns dotting this coast, checking out the many heritage homes and little farms lining the road. There are orchards and many market garden stands in this region and it is easy to see why Europeans found this part of Canada so desirable to settle. The town of Wolfville is abuzz with activity as tourists, locals and university students are on the streets when we drive through....

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Aug 14, 2017 - Day 7

Tony & Diane picked us up this morning and took us on a driving tour of the surrounding area. We drove through Grand Pré, Wolfville, Canning, Gaspereau Valley, Blomidon to name a few areas. We stopped at the Tangled Garden. You have to check their website. Their herbs and jellies for just about any food is fantastic. We came back to Wolfville and went to the Naked Crepe Bistro for lunch. All of their menu items are to die for. We followed this up with a stop at the Luckett Vineyards. We finished off the afternoon, saying our goodbyes to our...

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Trip Journal

2017 Maritime Trip

Sep 22, 2015 - Nova Scotia

We must be having too much fun. I've fallen behind a couple days. We left Baddeck Monday morning and drove about 45 minutes, took another small ferry to a town called Iona at the lower end of Bra d'or lake to the Highland Cultural village. It chronicles the life of the Scottish people by replicating or preserving the homes from before they left Scotland and why they left to the early 1900s. Every home had a character in them, dressed the part and very knowledgeable. Even speaking fluent Gaelic. They have them cooking stew on the wood stove...

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Oct 20, 2013 - Blog Nine - Wolfville

BLOG NINE Post script to the Fundy Blog… We forgot to mention that our FPBs bought us a treat on the last communal fire pit night. They call them smores and they are very nice. You grab a stick and roast a marshmallow on it over the fire. While this is going on you grab a couple of Graham biscuits (these are a bit like a semi sweet shredded wheatmeal biscuit) and put a square of Herscheys chocolate between them. When the marshmallow is cooked and mostly melted you take it and place it between the biscuit thereby also melting the chocolate!...

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Jul 1, 2012 - Walton Lighthouse And Hennigar's Farm Market in Wolfville

We are off to Wolfville where we stayed at the picturesque and QUIET apple orchard of Hennigar's Farm Market after spending 2 nights in a truck stop and with a trucker dropping off his refridgerated trailer and took off for the long weekend we had to listen to the generator all day and night. Over looking the Annanapolis Valley...Ah lovely

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Aug 10, 2011 - Nova Scotia

Drove down to Chelton to check out the beach in daylight and then moved on to Summerside to pick up a few groceries. Bought some PEI potatoes  We headed over to Victoria-by-the-sea for a short visit before we took the bridge over to NB. The kids bought some candy and souvenirs and we got Jainalee a small lobster stuffie that said “Prince Edward Island” on it. We stopped at Fort Beausejour in NB before we moved on to Nova Scotia. Made it to Michelle Muise-Wight’s after supper and had time to visit. Zoey was very excited to meet us and the...

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Aug 8, 2011 - Truro, NS to Nine Mile River, NS 30 miles

We moved to a little area called Nine Mile River. Yes, it is on a river and Bonnie got to play and swim in it. Our campground had sections and ours was called "Welcome to Graceland"! It rained pretty much the whole time we were there, but we are taking notes from the locals. We put out the awning and played dominoes while it rained all around us. It was great to get out in the air for a little while. We drove through beautiful farmland until we saw the Bay of Fundy and then amazing vineyards in Gaspereau Valley. We stopped in Wolfville for...

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Jun 26, 2011 - Wolfville and Minas Basin

From Truro we headed down to Bridgetown just north of Annapolis Royal. We found a lovely small campground just by the river. This would be our third time in this area. The Annapolis Valley is a rich agricultural area. Our first day in the area saw us heading along the valley to Wolfville and the Minas Basin. Once known as Mud Creek (due to it being on the Bay of Fundy) and Horton, the town was renamed Wolfville in honour of Judge Elisha DeWolf in 1830.The town was an important shipbuilding location in the mid 19th century. The Windsor and...

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