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Aug 16, 2019 - Harbour Lite, Pictou, Nova Scotia

Drove from Waterford, PEI to Pictou, NS. Stopped at the information at the border of Nova Scotia. Had stopped here on the bus trip last year. Took the scenic route from NS border to Pictou. Road was slow and winding but pretty good in most places. The rv park is on right on the water - nice view and we walked down to a nice beach and I got my fee wet. Had salad and chili and salad for summer. The owner of the Harbour Lite Rv park was very friendly and accomodating and gave us ice cream treats when we arrived.

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Jul 24, 2019 - Pictou, Nova Scotia

Ross and Marge left Moncton around 0900 and headed for the Harbour Light RV Park. They arrived around 1300 along with a bunch of "T" shirts and hats purchased at the Nova Scotia Welcome Center for their neighbors who are keeping an eye on the house as well as moving the garbage cans to the street and back every week. One more motorhome problem occurred on the trip from Moncton to Pictou. Ross decided to take the bypass for the portion of the highway in Nova Scotia that is a toll road. (He hates paying tolls) Ross turned on to the off ramp...

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Jun 12, 2019 - Prince Edward Island - Gardens if Hope, Charlottetown, and ferry to Nova Scotia

Wednesday, June 12.  Off to New Glasgow, Charlottetown, and ferry to Nova Scotia.  It's a beautiful sunny day, and supposed to get to about 69. It rained last night.  I never heard it, but Jim said it poured in the night. And yes, the leak by the side door is still there.  Momots were not sure if they fixed it or not as there was not time to retest it. Ugh!!!! At least it doesn't affect our ability to use the RV.  Just need it fixed! We headed to New Glasgow and Gardens of Hope. It's 12 acres of landscaped water and flower gardens...

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Jul 26, 2018 - The Hector Heritage Quay - Pictou

The New Scotland “The Hector Heritage Quay is one of Nova Scotia's major cultural tourist attractions. The Quay is home to the Ship Hector, a full sized replica of the original ship which brought the first wave of emigrants from Scotland to Nova Scotia in 1773. Step aboard the Hector and relive the tale of these early settlers and the hardships they faced beginning a new life in a new land. Go below deck to see the living conditions these hardy souls call home during almost 11 weeks at sea.” “Hector was an old ship and in poor condition...

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Jul 25, 2018 - A Drive on Sunrise Trail

We made a day trip along the Sunrise Trail on Highway 6 going west. The map shows it mostly along the seashore, but we had few views of the water unless we made turns to do so. Our first stop was in Seafoam at the Seafoam Lavender Farm. They offer free self guided tours through the gardens. Visitors are allowed to cut the lavender for a fee. There is a gift shop that sells assorted products made there. The drive continued to River John. We stopped at a small museum to read the outdoor kiosks. Scottish immigrants came to River John. We...

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Jul 24, 2018 - Pictou Bike Trail

“ As the longest recreational trail in the world, The Great Trail offers a wide range of activities through a variety of landscapes – urban, rural and wilderness, along greenways, waterways and roadways.” “The Great Trail — previously known as the Trans Canada Trail — is a bit of a misnomer. Given that the recently opened trail is the longest recreational one in the world at a staggering 14,864 miles, the project is great indeed, a monumental achievement. However, it isn’t a trail. The Great Trail isn’t a single trail but a collection of...

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Jul 23, 2018 - Caribou-Monroe Provincial Park

We plan to spend the week here. It is more open but no shade. It is warm here but a nice breeze is constant. "Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park is 7 miles north of Pictou and close to the PEI ferry terminal. A mile-long sand beach offers some of the warmest saltwater swimming north of the Carolinas." 7 miles (what a whopper) Caribou-Munroe Islands Provincial Park 30 amp only; potable water available; dump station WiFi at office; Direct Satellite unavailable

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Jul 22, 2018 - Sunday at Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

We met with the brethren at Shubenacadie again this week. We spent the afternoon at the camper. When talking to one of the members at services this morning, she said that if she were to go to NL, she would do the western side as well. So once again we feel happy about our choice. Remember my rant about roundabouts??? Well....this morning we were making our way back to Highway 106 to go to Highway 104 (BTW, we would then go to Highway 102) As we approached the roundabout, there was a bit of confusion as to which way to go. We ended up going...

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Jul 21, 2018 - Moving Westward

I guess today could be considered our move toward home although it will be a few months. We have a few more stops in Nova Scotia and then a stay in New Brunswick. I think I've already said that we enter Maine on August 8th. We departed North Sydney on Cape Breton Island at 10:40 with heavy rain. The drive involved some white knuckling due to the weather. Thankfully, as we moved westward, the rain eased quite a bit. We made no stops and very few pictures today. Finding the campground was a bit of a challenge. The directions were a bit...

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Jun 28, 2018 - Pictou, Nova Scotia

June 27th and June 28th Most of the next two days are spent crossing Nova Scotia from Bridgetown to Pictou as we get ready to cross into Cape Breton for the long Canada Day weekend and then on to Newfoundland. We stop just outside of Halifax at Laurie Provincial Park. After Laurie Park and hopefully a short day of driving actually ended up turning into a much longer one due to an accident on the highway (a motorcyclist struck a deer and unfortunately both died) and we finally arrived at Cariboo-Munroes Island Provincial Park near Pictou and...

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Aug 15, 2017 - Murray Beach to Pictou

Another day, another province - now I’m in Nova Scotia. I found a better way to get to the highway then after a stop at the Nova Scotia Welcome Centre I started to take the scenic route along the coast but the road was too rough & too narrow so I cut back onto the Trans Canada Highway. Because I’m driving on the wrong side of the road, I’m not good at judging where the wheels are in relation to the edge of the pavement which becomes quite critical when you’re driving something that’s 8 ft wide on a narrow road. I manage but it takes total...

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Trip Journal

Canada 2017

Jun 5, 2017 - Pictou - a bit of Scotland here

A bitter wind blew as we loaded up and headed out of Shediac. The waterfront road we took was not great as we bounced our way into Nova Scotia. It is further inland with gravel access roads to a string of cabin’s but it is harder to see details from the distance – not good for being nosey tourists! Going through 2 roundabouts (similar to those beloved ones on the Pat Bay Hwy in Victoria) the pavement turns sour as we roll into Pictou and then bounce to our campsite a few miles out of town. There are ads on TV for those vibrator machines...

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