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Jul 6, 2015 - Camp Wally

A poorly-kept secret is that many Walmart stores allow RVs to stay overnight in their parking lots for free. Some cities have regulations forbidding any overnight parking in any parking lots. But, if the city allows it, Walmart usually allows it, too. Of course, there are no camping sites. You can't get electricity or water. This is called "dry camping" or "boondocking". When you stay in a Walmart parking lot, it's sometimes jokingly referred to as "Camp Wally" or "Wallydocking". My primary source of information for where to camp is an...

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Aug 24, 2012 - Sydney, Nova Scotia ferry to New Glasgow

We had already figured we wouldn't get much sleep on the ferry, so we made a reservation at the same Comfort Inn in New Glasgow we stayed in on the way up. It was only about a 3-1/2 to 4 hour ride and that was enough under the circumstances. We left the ferry dock about 10 AM and rode back down through Cape Breton, past beautiful scenery we had seen before, and rested at the visitor center next to the Canso Causeway which separates Cape Breton Island from the rest of Nova Scotia. There is a canal there that allows boats to pass the...

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Aug 10, 2012 - Fredericton New Brunswick to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

We got a weather break today going across the middle of Nova Scotia through Moncton and Truro,to New Glasgow. We caught a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy and saw some mud flats where the water belongs when the 29 ft. tide comes back in. There is a section of toll road right in the middle at the narrow part of Nova Scotia and it's the only toll road I've seen on the Trans-Canada Highway that we can remember. Shame on Nova Scotia, and the price is outrageous, $4 per motorcycle,same as a car, but we have to pay for TWO of them and we only have...

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Jul 30, 2012 - Down Day, Ferry Ride to NS & Back To Being Wal-martians

Decided to make today a down day. At $12.50/night, cheap down day. I only had a couple loads of laundry to do, so did get to make it a real down day. Echo and I got out and headed to Charottetown in the afternoon. Had to go by the bank, post office, did some shopping down town and hit Sobey's for food for dinner. We'd decided to cook the last package of brats I had from Hermann, MO. Picked up some ready made potato salad and a few goodies to go with. We finally ate our "Cow Chips". They are hand made chocolate covered potato chips! So...

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Jul 3, 2012 - Entering Nova Scotia

Today was a traveling day from P.E.I. to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, a total of 214 miles which took nine hours. We did take a detour to Prince Edward Island National Park and Cavendish, where the story of Anne of Green Gables was born, and a winery in Nova Scotia somewhere along the way. Tonight we are at our favorite campground – Walmart - in New Glasgow, and tomorrow we head to Cape Breton Island on the northeast side of Nova Scotia. We took the scenic route to New Glasgow and shook every screw loose in my rig! The off-roads are really bad...

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Barb's Retirement

Aug 23, 2009 - New Glasgow, NS - Bill is Gone!

(Ron Writing) Hurricane Bill was not as bad as first predicted so, thankfully we had a rather relaxing day here in New Glasgow. It rained most of the day and very heavy at times. It was windy most of the time with some periods of very gusty winds which, according to the internet, were up to 50 mph. We kept our rig faced into the wind so it was not a problem. After all we have 60 to 70 mph winds routinely as we drive down the highway. We did have a plan in case things got real nasty. There is a long narrow area where we could have parked...

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Aug 22, 2009 - New Glasgow, NS - Waiting for Bill

(Ron Writing) This morning we went to the weekly farmers market in Antigonish. There were many vendors selling fresh veggies and fruits. Wild blueberries are at its peak and it was inexpensive at $3 (CA) a pint or $5/quart. Our fridge is full of fresh produce. We’re having a heat wave and now we’re also on storm watch! Hurricane Bill decided to zip north right up the east coast and head for us here in Nova Scotia. After looking at the projected storm track and the listening to the weather forecasts we decided to move a little further west....

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Jul 23, 2009 - Cruise'n the Maritimes

Tuesday 7/21 we’re off to PEI and get Moe in to another Province. The Confederation Bridge spans the 13 K separating New Brunswick from Prince Edward Island. The crossing is free going in to PEI, $17 to leave on a bike, $42 in a car, WOW!. They have paid for this bridge already – what a gold mine – lots of traffic. We stopped for lunch and Moe wanted PEI mussels. They come in a 1 ½ lb bowl for $12, man they were good. Right across the street is the Red Rock Harley dealer. Moe got a visor replaced while I was looking at the Victory...

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Jul 22, 2009 - Rain, rain, rain!!!

As we leave Halifax, the skies empty and the highway turns into a river. Once this subsides we decide to push on past where we were going to spend the night and get closer to new Glasgow so that we could catch the ferry in the morning. As the evening draws in we are so close to the ferry we decide to investigate it and book tickets for the morning. On arrival a lady passes us a ticket to stick on the propane tank and tells us to get into lane eight. We only came to get tickets, but as there is not much traffic and the boat is arriving at...

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Jul 2, 2009 - New Glasgow, NS - Sunrise Trail

(Ron Writing) This morning we left Amherst, NS heading northeast on Highway 366. This took us up to the Northumberland Strait, the body of water along most of the northeast side of Nova Scotia. We spent most of the day driving the scenic Sunrise Trail, Highways 366 and 6, right along the coast. This scenic route took us through several fishing villages and other small towns along the coast. There are also areas of forest land and farm land. It was a beautiful drive. We got as far as New Glasgow where we are spending the night at...

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Jul 12, 2008 - A couple of nights in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia with Gloria, Harold and their four dogs and one cat!

After an 18 hour ferry ride from Argentia back to the mainland, it was straight to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a much needed caffeine hit and then on to New Glasgow to catch up with Gloria and Harold at their place. It was good to see them again and we received a warm welcome from them and their 4 dogs as we pulled up the drive. As we had arrived just in time for lunch, it was good to sit back on the porch with a big meal they had prepared for us and chat about our trip to Newfoundland. We spent a lot of time on that porch, enjoying the...

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Sep 23, 2006 - New Glasgow

Sept.23/06 Today we went to a Farmer's Market then drove to New Glasgow. We arrived around lunchtime and called Jerry and Bev Wernicke's relatives, Sharon and Graham. We looked around town then Graham came over to visit and invited us to their place for dinner. We had an enjoyable evening.

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