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Jun 28, 2018 - Five Islands Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

June 24th We crossed over the famous Confederation Bridge on our way to Nova Scotia this morning. It was miserable to start with but by the time we landed at the information center in NS the skies cleared and the sun was hot. We have tried to use the travel and information centers to access WiFi but so often when we arrive at one of these centers everyone has their phone, tablet or computer out trying to log into the same free network making connection impossible, so I have started to use more unusual methods to get my blog uploaded, but...

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Sep 14, 2017 - Bye bye birdie

Our first stop this morning is at the Parrsboro Visitors Centre where we get some great local info. The lady working there motions us over to a window and proudly points out an eagle sitting in a large tree nearby. She says this very eagle visits every day at low tide, sits in that tree, scouting for breakfast/lunch/dinner. It’s as if this bird is her pet, she is so thrilled by its every move. Lovely, thanks for showing us…..now about things to do in this area??? When we exit the building Donna takes a couple of photos (in case the lady is...

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Sep 13, 2017 - what a view

Done with Truro we load up our gear and head out for Five Islands today. A teeny, tiny ooooops by the navigator and after a couple of false starts we end up on the freeway for a few miles – not where we want to be but heading in the right direction! Exiting as soon as we can we end up at the popular Masstown Market. Not exactly what we expected, this market houses a large store with everything from trinkets to groceries. We thought we were at a Farmers Market type venue but we thought wrong, so we enjoyed browsing for a bit. From here we...

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Sep 25, 2016 - Fossil Cliffs

Got up this morning to see the sun rise, a beautiful start of my day. We set off to Fossil Cliffs, driving along Glooscap Trail, a waterfront and farmland mix view. First stopped at the Cape d'Or Lighthouse. We had to drive up , up a wide gravel road for 6 k. And then for me to get pictures, I needed to walk down 500 m, then back up to the truck. Frank waited up top, and good he did, as I had my heart rate going coming back up. What a view! Carrying on to Fossils, the drive was scenic and we could see the tides going out. . It's quite a...

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Sep 24, 2016 - Five Islands NS

Not long after leaving Digby,we saw an advertisement for a Market in Annapolis Royal. We parked our unit and walked down to the harbour, passing a German Bakery,which we will come back to for lunch and fresh rye bread. Frank found a barber shop and got a hair cut , he thought after 2 months on the road, it was time. The market was outdoors, and was a nice sunny morning to look around. And yes we found some fresh veggies for a few days meals. what a beautiful town, I think we were there. a couple of hrs. We arrived to Five Islands NS this...

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Sep 7, 2015 - Five Islands, Nova Scotia

Days 77-79 (4-6 September) Five Islands, Nova Scotia We arrived at Five Islands about 1:15 pm after a 5 hour drive from St Martins. Five Islands is located on the Minas Basin Arm of the Bay of Fundy. Our site in the Five Islands RV Park was on the front line near the bank and we could watch the changing of the tides—which we’ve illustrated in the photographs. Saturday (September 5th) we drove along the coast to Advocate Harbor and Cape d’Or. On our way back to Five Islands we spent some time locating St. Brigid Church in Parrsboro so we...

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Jun 16, 2015 - Five Islands, Nova Scotia

Once again our Readers Digest book of the Road from 1991 proved an excellent source as it steered us to Five Islands in Nova Scotia. After several pictures of the Islands we stopped for a picnic lunch beside the lighthouse. Unfortunately, I recently learned that the Archway on Long Island collapsed after thousands of years and countless photographs, a sad day in geology.

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Trip Journal


Aug 2, 2012 - Rainy Day Wandering

It has been raining now for 3 days. Although I understand that the farmers are in desperate need of rain, I wish there were some way to just deposit the wet stuff on their fields and leave the coast roads open for my wandering and photographic pleasure. (Yeah, I know ~ waaa-waaa-waaa!) Today I had to make a trip over to Five Islands to pick up my mail, so I decided to have a “museum day”. I headed into Parrsboro to the Fundy Geological Museum. As museums go it was pretty small, but very informative. Some of the fun factoids I picked up: ...

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Jul 25, 2012 - Farewell to Five Islands

My time at Five Islands has come to an end. The workamper job here has been problematic from the beginning but I have been trying to make the best of the situation in order to honor my commitment. However, working conditions have deteriorated to the point that I am no longer willing to continue. I submitted my resignation this morning. Although I have offered to finish out the work week, it is very possible that the owners will change their mind about that later. Knowing that this could be my last day in Five Islands, I decided to take a...

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Jul 22, 2012 - Not Since Moses

Today was the day for the Not Since Moses Race ~ a charitable event to benefit schools in the Five Islands area. The owner of Dick’s Island conceived the idea for the race because the dramatic Fundy tides reminded him of the Bible story of Jesus parting the sea for Moses and his followers. The race is run in the mud at extreme low tide so the runners have time to complete the course before the water returns. There were over 1200 runners registered for today’s race and it felt like they were all staying with us (they weren’t). The campground...

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Jul 14, 2012 - Island Boat Ride

Good fun on the water today!! I was able to make arrangements with one of the local fishermen to take me and a couple of my workamper buddies for a ride around the Five Islands. It was a perfect day ~ bright sunshine, blue skies, puffy white clouds and just a gentle breeze. We had some concerns about getting chilled on the water, but my windbreaker rode in the bow of the boat all morning. We left from the floating wharf in the village of Five Islands at high tide and slipped out of the cove, giving us a close-up view of the peninsula of...

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Jun 13, 2012 - Five Islands Village

Today I decided to drive east of the park to see the village of Five Islands. Five Islands is a provincial village that consists, essentially, of homes and farms on either side of the road that runs through it. They don’t even have a traffic light. There are 3 restaurants, a small market and a house with a sign out front that says you can buy fresh eggs there after 6 p.m. daily. There are a couple of side roads that sometimes lead to a cluster of houses, but basically “what you see is what you get”. The single church only holds services...

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