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Jul 24, 2018 - Cape Breton National Park, north loop

We were up early to unload off of the ferry back in Nova Scotia at Arm of Gold camp ground at Little Bras D’or, (North Sydney) Cape Breton, NS. This day was spent on a seven hour drive around “Cape Breton Highlands National Park”. We visited a waterfall and stopped at a beach for a picnic lunch were we watched the people swimming in the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean and Cabot Straight, St. Lawrence Seaway. Nancy went in, up to her ankles. Mel didn’t. The Highlands are beautiful green mountains but the drive was long and tedious with...

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Jul 7, 2018 - Visit Fort Louisbourg on Southern Coast

July 7 – Visit Fort Louisbourg on Southern Coast The Fortress of Louisbourg was built by the French in the 1700’s. The fort was to protect the ice-free harbor which became the winter port of the French naval forces on the Atlantic seaboard. It was named after King Louis XIV. The fort took the French 28 years to complete. The 2 1/2 mile protective wall was made of stone held in place with low quality mortar which did not stand up to the impact of artillery shells. Also, the wall foundations were not deep enough in the ground to prevent the...

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Jun 2, 2017 - June 2

June 2 We left the hotel for the Cabot Trail under overcast skies. By the time we crossed the causeway on Cape Breton Island, it was foggy and our first couple of stops at viewpoints were fairly futile. However, we persevered and were rewarded by sunny skies as the day progressed. The first part of the trail was through countryside that was very reminiscent of driving through the Cariboo - a mixture of poplar and evergreen trees over rolling hills. As we drove along the south side of the peninsula, we went in and out of fog, so we did get...

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Maritimes trip

Sep 2, 2016 - Arrived in Nova Scotia

We packed up early in a crazy wind and rainy morning.we didn't sleep very well last night, the trailer just rocked. Our next stop was to the Woodlands ferry terminal to make our way to Cape Breton NS we are staying at at campground 3 miles from the ferry to Newfoundland. Yes we are headed on a 7 hr ferry ride over to Newfoundland in the morning. The weather forcast looks good after today, as it has been raining off and on all day.

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Aug 26, 2016 - Cape Breton

August 26,2016 - Cabot Trail Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Headed into Nova Scotia and were greeted by 16 spinning wind turbines. Our first stop was at the welcome center for some travel info. The wind was unbelievable. Hard time opening the door to get out of the RV. Tried to read the info tablets at the wetlands overlook but the wind drove us inside. Stocked up on maps and brochures and followed the Northumberland Shore North East. The slower route took us along the Northumberland Strait passing through many small fishing villages. We stopped...

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Sep 20, 2015 - men of the deeps

Can't get much more cape Breton than our day today. Went to the miners museum in glace bay. Had the cool underground tour too. Lens mom suggestion. Then we headed to Louisburg to the fort. Was POURING rain , got soaked but it let up abit and we did most of it. Then went and had a fabulous seafood supper. Got a campsite and I'm sitting in the playhouse waiting for the men of the deeps. How lucky they were here today. Great even though wet and windy.

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Sep 19, 2015 - HOT Great weather again

Woke up to a windy morning by the water. Went to whale interpretive center. Brakes just about fried coming down the wickedly winding hills. Decided to treat ourselves and are staying at hotel in Sydney. Going out for supper. Called Len's folks but they fly out early tomorrow morning. Had a nice chat. Supposed to rain and cool off tomorrow.

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Sep 18, 2015 - Priceless

Left antigonish and crossed into cape Breton. Stopped briefly at a celtic music museum but elected to head to the distillary at Glenora for tour and lunch. Was beautiful there and the single malt sample was good too!!!! Went into national park and gor a campsite overlooking the ocean. Went for a dip and had a nice supper and fire watching the sunset. Got some black fly bites , but we've been lucky so far with bugs. So glad we came back. Not much coverage.

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Sep 18, 2015 - Cape Breton

Well, what a day.... After the serene bliss of a night in a quiet ocean front campsite, we were ill prepared for the drive through Cape Breton and especially Cape Breton highlands national park!!! Absolutely breathtaking, spectacular scenery!! But the roads made it really difficult to truly enjoy the experience, especially at the pace we did it. We had no.idea.what.we.were.in.for..... We had been on these narrow bumpy roads already, in New Brunswick and the scenic route we took the day before...but our drive to Mabou for our lunch at the...

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Jul 30, 2015 - Cape Breton Island

Well hello from Nova Scotia. The last couple of days have involved our ferry ride over, getting set up at Camp Baddeck and enjoying the sites and sounds of the infamous Cabot Trail. We ended our time in PEI with the Anne of Green Gables musical and it was fantastic. The actors certainly brought those oh so familiar characters to life once again and the sets were very cool! Once more, as can only be done with a large motor home, the ferry ride experience turned out to be more interesting than originally expected. Thank goodness those ferry...

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Jun 28, 2013 - Bird Island Boat Tour

Today at 1:30 PM we took the Bird Island Boat Tours out to see many seabirds including hundreds of Puffins and a dozen Bald Eagles. We saw a rarely seen bird called the Northern Gannet which is a very large white bird with a yellow head, black tips on the wings. He dives straight down into the water to get fish. All together we saw 10 different species of seabirds. There were grey seals floating out in the water right near the boat by the islands. The captain of this boat tour is from a family of Dutch seamen and he has been operating this...

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Aug 10, 2011 - Day 30: Ferry to Nova Scotia

This morning we disconnected the camper in very soggy conditions. I’m not sure how much more rain this island can handle.(Julie, remember how your yard was during a rainy season before the paved driveway? That’s about how this was!) At any rate we got it done and drove over to the Wood Islands Ferry. This ferry is $105; that means the ferry to Newfoundland, which is 7 hours versus the 75 minutes for this one, is bound to be more expensive. We discussed how much we’re willing to pay to get to Newfoundland. Prices should be available on this...

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