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Jul 30, 2015 - Rock River to Fort McPherson

Day 31 Thursday, July 30 Distance for the day 106.2 km Distance travelled to date 3048.1 km Distance remaining 251.9 km of 3300 km Time in the saddle 7 hr 07 min Total riding time to date 154 hr 31 min Total meters climbed 1350 m Total meters climbed to date 25737 m I went to bed early the previous night and read for awhile. I had trouble going to sleep. Maybe it was that coffee I had when we came into camp. It was not that cold of a night though I did have my base wear on. The clouds kept the heat from escaping. But it let the rain...

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Jul 29, 2015 - Eagle Plains to Rock River

Day 30 Wednesday, July 29 Distance for the day 77.6 km Distance travelled to date 2941.9 km Distance remaining 358.1 km of 3300 km Time in the saddle 4 hr 49 min Total riding time to date 147 hr 24 min Total meters climbed 966 m Total meters climbed to date 24387 m I got out of my tent a little after six in the morning. The sky was overcast and the horizon was shrouded with mist. I packed up my tent and went to the washroom. By the time I got back most of the breakfast had been taken. And by the time I had finished my small breakfast the...

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Jul 9, 2008 - Day 41 – Road Closed: Ferry landing washed out

Day 41 – Road Closed: Ferry landing washed out Once at “a chance to sample the amenities of civilization” (Eagle Plains) we made the decision to keep going even further north since the road was good. First we made it to the Arctic Circle. Yep! We were on the 66°33’ parallel. It was Cool! We were there with 3 British-Colombians, 2 Quebecois, 2 German, 1 Swiss and 1 American. So we all took pictures of each other, while talking, laughing, and just having a good time knowing where we were. But y’all know us, we couldn’t leave it to just...

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Wimberley to Alaska!

Jul 7, 2008 - Still headin North

Started raining sometime after daylight……………Ha Ha Ha, didja get it? It’s always daylight!!!! Anyway, rained steady all morning. Views weren’t as good as when we arrived. Good thing we saw things when we did. Road was muddy, of course, and still pretty bad as far as roughness. Got to a lodge/hotel called Eagle Plains and got some fuel for $1.78/L ($6.76) so probably hit the highest we will see. We were told to fuel up at the next spot but wouldn’t have made it so just got $55 worth. Kinda like when you used to pull in with dad’s car and say...

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Jul 26, 2007 - Dawson City and the Dempster Highway

Dawson City is pretty small, about 2,000 people. Tourism is most of the industry here. We had a nice evening out at Diamond Tooth Gertie's. Typical turn of the century goldrush dance hall show. Gertie decided she liked me and left me with a big lipstick-smeared smack on my bald spot. Pretty embarrasing but Jeanne got a kick out of it! Then to add insult to injury, one of the dancers pulled me up onstage to compete at tongue twisters (said shit, alot). Got another lipstick smeared cheek for that...Next day we went golfing at the top of the...

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