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Jul 9, 2017 - on the way to the Port of Basque

Heading for the Port aux Basques Ferry LOCATION: 7/8 Corner Brook 7/9 Channel-Port aux Basqes MILES DRIVEN 7/8 219 7/9 159 WEATHER 7/8 Rain most of the day H70 L 50 7/9 same ol same WHERE WE STAYED 7/8 Walmart 7/9 JT Cheeseman Provincial Park STORY; 7/8 After yesterdays experience we treated our selves to a slow start today. Started to hook up and get on the road around 10, but as we hooked up I noticed that the bolt that holds the tow bar together was loose. It took abought 30 minutes to take it apart and fix it. Now we just back...

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Maritime's 2017

Jul 14, 2015 - Trip Update

WiFi is getting worse by the day! The only decent, dependable WiFi connection I have had in several weeks was on a tour bus and it failed after a half day! A little catching up with our travels….On Thursday, 7/6, we had a travel day from Halifax up to North Sydney, Nova Scotia which is at the northern edge of the Province. On Friday, 7/10, we loaded all 23 RV’s on a sea-going ferry. It was huge, as big as some cruise liners. All our rigs and towed cars took up only a small space on one of three vehicle decks. There were at least 25-30 18...

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Jul 29, 2012 - Cape Ray, NL to Channel-Port aux Basque

Today is our 51st anniversary. We are living and have lived what I would have called the impossible dream when we were married. We are celebrating in Newfoundland. Over the years, my family has traveled from Haiti to Japan to Africa to the Caribbean to the outreaches of Canada to all fifty states. What a life we have been blessed with!! We have seen God's creations from oceans to mighty mountains to canyons. What had drawn me to Lee was his talk of travels. He was from Spokane, Washington and I didn’t know where in the world Spokane was or...

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Jul 17, 2012 - Antigonich, NS to Channel-Port aux Basques

Today we're on the way to Channel-Port aux Basques, a hub of tourism activity for Newfoundland and Labrador. At Mc Donald’s they have REAL McLobster sandwiches and Subway has lobster sandwiches. We are going to try that! (Wilbur's eating their way across Eastern Canada) Then we stopped at a Wal-mart to pick up the old faithfuls...bread and peanut butter. This was a Wal-mart from before there was Wal-mart!! Lee said it didn't have a grocery it had a pantry. LOL The ride up Cape Breton Island was pretty. We stopped at a farmer's market called...

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Aug 25, 2011 - Twillingate Nfld

Well, by the time we got back to the MH they had it almost fixed, so we waited there until they were done, then we headed on to Corner Brook. Got woken up in the wee hours of the morning by a very loud garbage truck. So got going again, we went to Deer Lake info centre to see where the ice burgs are. They are all way up north and now we don’t have the time to see them. Maybe on the way back.??? We drove on to Twillingate, a beautiful town, with very friendly people and great views. On our way to see the lighthouse now.

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Aug 23, 2011 - Stranded in Port Aux Basque

Channel Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland, Aug 23rd The ferry ride was just like a red eye flight to NZ. We attempted to sleep in airplane like chairs, thought they were wider so you had a bit more room. You are not allowed to go down to your vehicle once the boat leaves the dock. The ferry itself was very nice. The fog was so thick we never saw land until we got within spitting distance of the shore. The first stop was to get gas. Yes we were able to get off the ferry, despite my concerns. And we found that we actually had more gas left than...

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Oct 6, 2009 - Across to Nova Scotia

The day started off with somewhat decent weather, but after the boat left the dock it turned into a very rough voyage. There were lots of signs (a.k.a. air sick bags) everywhere on the boat, and the captain made an announcement saying that this trip would be better ... I would have hated to be on the overnight voyage! Anyway, a gravol pill and a nap in our cabin and I was fine! When we went back down to our motorhome at the docking, we realized that the tractor trailer rig next to us was parked within two inches of the body of the...

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Jul 11, 2009 - Day 33 Doyles, Newfoundland

We left the campground at 6:00am to make the ferry. We arrived at the ferry terminal and were told that the ferry was behind schedule and would be delayed up to 2 hours. We watched the incoming ferry unload and then we were loaded around 10:00am with an unbelievable number of other vehicles; trailer trucks, motor homes, camper trailers and cars/truck. The loading is quite a process and we were packed into level one of the ferry along with trailer trucks and other campers. All the cars were placed on levels two. We filmed some of our loading...

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