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Jun 18, 2017 - June 18 and 19th

June 18 A drizzly start to the day, but we headed out towards Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. This is where 70 000 seabirds nest in the spring. There are gannets, murres, kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and cormorants. As we neared the cape, the trees became smaller and eventually disappeared. What was left was rocky barrens covered in small plants that hugged the earth, probably to avoid the constant wind. We passed a small herd of grazing cows behind a fence - later, we were told sheep used to be free to graze the whole cape, but...

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Maritimes trip

Aug 14, 2006 - Ferry to Newfoundland

We were up at 4:00 am (that would be 2:00 am CDT). We had packed up everything the night before so all we had to do was walk the dog and unplug the electric. It took less than 30 minutes to reach the ferry. It took almost an hour and a half before we were loaded and the ferry took off. We were told by one guy that we had to put our dogs in the onboard kennel. Frank took Cady up there and all they had were tight little kennel cages. There he was told we could leave the dogs in the RV's, so he took Cady back to the motorhome. We were allowed...

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Aug 7, 2006 - To Argetea, Newfoundland (Placentia)

North Sidney, NS to Placentia, NL - 8 miles and a 14 hour ferry ride - August 7, 2006 Our "day" started just after midnight as everyone convoyed the 4 miles to the Ferry Terminal. Check-in at the Ferry involved the normal differences of understanding of the personnel operating the booths and the folks that briefed our Fearless Leader. Within 30 minutes everyone had satisfied the individual bureaucrats and were parked in the line waiting for the 5 am start of boarding. Some got some sleep before leaving, others after arrival in the line....

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Aug 3, 2006 - Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve

Drove down the south west peninsula of Avalon, to the Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve. This is the third largest nesting area for Gannets in the world and is very accessible. After an easy 1 km walk, you are within 60 feet of the birds nesting on the tops of the rocky ledges. As the guide said, if you go 61 feet, you fall off the cliff and we wouldn't want that, would we. It was an amazing sight. With the binoculars, you could almost reach out and touch the baby chicks. There were over 11,000 nesting pairs of Northern Gannets, plus...

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Jul 15, 2006 - Day 13 St. Mary's & St. Bride's

Day 13 - St. Marys, NL: The ship docked at 8:30 and we got unloaded fairly quickly. Regrouped in a parking lot in Argentia where we had disembarked. After a hour we drove on to Placentia where we took a tour of Castle Hill Fort Visitor Center exhibits and then did a walking tour outside using MP3 players. Went into town and went to lunch at "Belles Restaurant", a neat place in an older building with lace table cloths and the food was good. Took a half hour rest before we continued on to St. Bride's Gannett Campground/restaurant. The fog was...

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Jun 24, 2005 - Sea Cape Trail - Cape St Mary's

We drove to Placentia where we stayed overnight at a B&B - formerly a convent. It was very 1950s - neat and clean - and we're sure the nuns had vows of silence because you could hear everything from every room! We toured Castle Hill (fortifications overlooking Placentia) and Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve with more thousands of birds, cliffs and sheep and a lighthouse. See Mom's bird photos. Early the next morning we caught the 'long' ferry to Nova Scotia -- that would be 14 hours. I watched 7 movies in a row (catching up)-- The...

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