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Sep 17, 2009 - Woodstock, NB, Canada

We’ve decided it’s time to leave the island. We have seen so much, but have also missed a lot. Unless you would stay a whole summer there is no way to see all of the island. We moved off the island into the north part of New Brunswick. We stopped in Woodstock, NB for the night and met some nice travelers from Wichita, KS. He had some great tales of his inexperience at Rving. I don’t think he studied any RV books before starting out.

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Aug 30, 2009 - Woodstock, NB

We have finally reached the Maritimes.... The driving day started off cool and wet as we left L'evis QC. The St. Lawrence Seaway was visible for several hours albeit the morning fog in areas as we travelled HWY 20 towards New Brunswick. It sure is a huge body of water. Our destination for the day and overnight stop will be Woodstock, NB. A tiny but very pleasant camp ground (Cosy Cabins). We managed to hide the winter clothes this afternoon. British Columbia.... Please send some of those hot days to this part of the country, we could sure...

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Jun 18, 2009 - Woodstock, New Brunswick - Made it to Canada!

(Ron Writing) Our mail arrived this morning at about 10 AM. After we went through it and took care of responding to some of it we had lunch and then headed east for Canada on I-95. The border is only about 3 miles from Houlton. We breezed through Customs without a problem – in fact they never even asked to see our IDs or passports. Just asked a few questions and allowed us to go ahead. Our first stop was the New Brunswick Visitor Center, a couple miles into Canada. We picked up maps and information about the area and then headed a short...

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Oct 4, 2008 - A Work of Art

King's Landing - a new life for an old town - Saturday, October 4 A few years ago the Province of New Brunswick decided to dam the St. John River at Mactaquac and build a hydroelectric generating station. As dams do, this one flooded untold acres of farmland and homes, as well as a town or two. Communities that were home to many old and venerable buildings from New Brunswick’s colorful past. Nobody wanted to lose these structures, so it was decided to move the best of them to a safer place. That place was ten miles upriver, where a new...

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Trip Journal

2008 Keys 2 Canada

Jun 29, 2008 - Woodstock, New Brunswick

Parting ways with Ed,Marion,Chuck and Echo was a difficult decision but one we had to make . We left Rimouski at 9am. our destination Woodstock New Brunswick in our travels we found another bridge we considered crossing but decided against it, wouldn't want to push our luck,the scenery was great so were the roads once we crossed into New Brunswick, we arrived around 4.30pm actually 5.30 there was a time change again.Tomorrow of to Saint John.

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Oct 8, 2006 - On the road again!

We set out fairly early, although by the time we actually got on the road it was nearly 8 am. We had an uneventfuly trip as far as the Wilson gas bar. There we pulled in behind a tanker delivering fuel to the tanks, filled up and started to drive around the tanker. It was close, really close, but Mike was doing just fine until he realized the rear wheel of the motorhome wasn't going to clear the curb. He backed up a few feet (not easy with the car attached) but it wasn't enough. Only recourse was to unhitch the car, wait for the car behind...

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Sep 14, 2006 - Brockville, Ont. to Fredericton, NB

Stayed with Julia & Frank Saturday night and were able to check out Julia's home made wine and catch up on stories and photos. Up relatively fresh the next morning to a wonderful egg omelet, pea bacon & OJ and champagne! We decided to golf on "the island" as Frank's nephew is a member and we were able to walk on. I think there were two other twosomes on the course besides the four of us. A private tennis court was very busy - what a life! Please drop me off at the island to golf, play tennis, go for a walk, camp, etc. etc. After a nice...

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