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Sep 16, 2017 - New Brunswick Museum and Reversing Water Fall

We headed to downtown to see the New Brunswick Museum. Spent a couple hours learning about the Province. Big history of logging and fisheries. When we came out of the museum, there was a parade and celebration for the armed services cadets. They had a fly over from their Air Force Jets. The Canadians do more of this than we do. We went through the Public Market and got ice cream. Drove out to the “Reversing Water Falls” that is caused by the tidal change. We saw it at low tide. Left went to Costco, got a late lunch and found fuel for the...

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Sep 15, 2017 - On to St John New Brunswick with a Stop in Springhill Nova Scotia

Left the Halifax area and headed towards St John NB. Stopped in Springhill NS to see the Anne Murray Museum. As a fan of her music, it was and interesting place to see. We left there and headed to St John NB. We stayed in a campground in Rockwood Park. It was a city park and was close to town and wasn’t bad. First thing we did was laundry. Went out looking to see the area and ended up at Big Tide Brewing Co in downtown for dinner. We had a great dinner and headed back to the trailer.

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Aug 25, 2017 - Morning tour; letterboxing; evening dinner

We boarded our last bus (a noisy city bus) and went to see Reversing Falls first because of the timing of the tides. Rockwell Park, the one we are staying at, had stones for all the provinces of Canada made with rock of that province but we didn't stop. All I could get was the first stone for Canada, made up of stones from each province. That will do. We stopped at a viewing stand across from the Irving paper mill (they don't just refine oil and sell gas). I read a plaque that described how it took 4 attempts to build a lasting bridge...

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Aug 4, 2017 - Saint John, NB.

This is our first leg on the trip home. The campground is a city park that is a lot of gravel and pretty much a parking lot. But in Canada for $40 Canadian and full hookups for one night, it will work. Took a drive thru town to find a drug store and spend our remaining Canadian dollars. It is a nice little city with hills and a harbor.

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Jun 18, 2017 - New River Beach Provincial Park (6/15 - 6/17/17)

Our trip now takes a new turn. We have arrived in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. We will be spending most of the summer in Canada. There may be some time between postings because we don't always have internet service. Don't despair, I will keep updating as quickly as I can!! This is a really nice park with 99 sites. (It is actually in New River Beach, NB, but I couldn't get that name to come up. So I have it listed in Saint John.) We are in site 51. Our site has electricity and sewer, but no water at the site. We are directly across...

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Jun 11, 2017 - Covered Bridges and closed Trail

We had a leisurely breakfast then got ready to go to Cornerstone Church in Uptown St John. It is a stately old building with stained glass windows. The robed Choir was well filled for a relatively small congregation. We came back to the hotel and got changed and had a light lunch. We then set off for St Martins, a small town west of here. We drove past the airport and stopped at a couple of places en route - Gardners Creek and Tynemouth Creek, including a covered bridge. The first one we had seen in person. We have read of them and seen...

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Jun 10, 2017 - Reversing Falls and Uptown St John

We woke to dry streets, light cloud and the promise of sunshine. A big improvement on yesterday. We had breakfast and set off to see the Reversing Falls. After a few missteps we found the observation place. "Falls" is a bit misleading. It is a narrow gorge in the estuary of the St John River where there are some very slight rapids. The river descends ever so slightly at low tide, then when the tide comes in from the Bay of Fundy it pushes the river back upstream and water flows in the opposite direction from which one would expect. We...

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Jun 9, 2017 - Washed up and washed out!

Today was a wet day. When we rose it was dry but dull and heavily overcast. By the time we had breakfast and gathered our laundry it was raining. By the time we reached the Laundromat it was pouring. By the time we had loaded the machines it was a deluge. The deluge continued unabated for the rest of the day. I commented that we had wasted our time driving to the Laundromat; we could have hung the clothes out the car window and it would have been just as effective. After we had done the laundry we searched for a grocery store, but initially...

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Jun 8, 2017 - St. Andrews by the Sea

We had a leisurely breakfast and I cleaned most of the mud from yesterday off my shoes. We set off for St Andrews by the Sea, a resort west of here. Our daughter had visited this almost 30 years ago and really liked it. We took this as an endorsement and hoped it would both be unchanged and live up to a teenager's assessment. It did. We stopped first at the tourist information office where a young lady very ably outlined the high points of her town and sent us on our way armed with literature and maps to aid our exploration. She advised us...

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Jun 7, 2017 - Squirrels and Flowerpots

We completed our packing, had breakfast and packed the car then set off for New Brunswick. We stopped at the toll for the Confederation Bridge which you can pay with a credit card similar to a parking meter. We crossed the bridge. There appeared to be some sort of delay as vehicles were crossing in batches. We had no problem, except the traffic was slow towards the New Brunswick end and there we saw cars lining up waiting to cross to PEI. Not sure what the problem was as it was a clear, sunny day. We came off the bridge and went to the...

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Aug 8, 2016 - Reversing Falls at Saint John New Brunswick

This is my first venture into video on this site. This is a famous phenomenon of the Bay of Fundy: World's largest tides. Actually makes the river back up so that there are rapids going both ways. Downstream during low tide and upstream (reversed) during high tide.

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Aug 2, 2016 - Saint John, New Brunswick

Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Left Prince Edward Island this morning traveling across the 8-mile Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick. Arriving we enjoyed a guided tour of the Hopewell Rocks. These famous rock formations call Flower Pots are carved by the Bay of Fundy's dramatic tides that rise more than 50 feet!! These are the highest tides in the world. The day we was there the high tide was 42.3 ft receding at 1ft per minute. Going down 101 steps to the bottom we was able to walk on the floor of the Bay. We experienced the worse lunch...

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