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Jun 7, 2017 - Test Ride

This was the day I used as a test. It has been a while since I loaded up a bicycle and traveled down a path. There have been numerous long distance trips done over the last handful of years but someone else was carrying my gear. There were two trips done locally here in Alberta where I pulled my own gear. I have a BOB trailer for that. But actually loading all my gear on a bike and setting off has not been done for a long time. So I was nervous. The bike that I choose for the upcoming trips this summer was appropriately my touring bike. It...

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Jun 3, 2017 - Magnetic Hill drawing money out of your wallet!

With the promise of pickleball at the YMCA we head to Moncton for a few hours to check out the city. We funneled in to a well maintained and funky looking downtown core with patios on the streetside bars and restaurants but not many people as “summer” has not yet arrived. There is the usual “strip” of commercial endeavours but we find the downtown to be quite a pleasant surprise. A trip to Moncton without going to Magnetic Hill? I don’t think so………..and what a hoot! The whole thing is an optical illusion as you drive what seems to be...

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May 31, 2017 - Filling in the blanks

Just filling in the blanks and trying to remember how to write. There will be six riders on this Moncton to Ottawa tour. Ron Josey from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Michael Bourque from Shediac, New Brunswick Ron and Michael were participants in the Tour du Canada 2012 tour. I also did a tour with them that went from Dartmouth, NS to the Aux Meadows port on NFLD and all the way around to St. John's and beyond. (1600 KM +/-) A year later Ron came out west and did the ABC tour with myself and a few others (1700 km through Alberta and British...

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Aug 29, 2016 - Cap-Pele , NB

Leaving Campbellton heading to PEI! Enjoyed another big breakfast this morning, at the Country Kitchen, you just couldn't make what we had for the price! Then we hooked up and headed East. Stopped in Miramichi NB at Timmies and enjoyed a visit with my Cousin Ann who I haven't seen since I was about 6. My dad keeps in touch with Ann, so I was excited to meet her again, and find out a bit more about my family history. I have learned so much on this trip. Thank you Frank for helping me meet my family here. We then said our farewells and found...

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Aug 24, 2016 - Hopewell Rocks

August 24, 2016 Oh my – what a day! It started with a disappointment and turned into what, so far, is the highlight of our trip. We first headed to Cape Enrage as we had heard many online comments about the beauty of the area. After driving into the middle of nowhere (literally!) We found the Provincial Park gate locked with no one insight. We could see the lighthouse but could not see over the cliffs. It may have been a beautiful setting be we could not appreciate it. So we had no choice but to backtrack 10 miles over a winding,...

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Jul 11, 2016 - Cars that roll Uphill?? Hoping for Rocks

We stopped briefly in Fredericton for some shopping, and got to the Casino NB to register, if you don't they will tow. There are so many musical acts that have been there and ones that are coming. We had a decent dinner at the buffet for $10 Magnetic hill - has always been a destination when here in Moncton. Does your car really roll uphill?................ We went there to experience this phenomena. Ye s, they do charge you a couple of bucks, but well worth the experience. It took us about 45 mins to drive from the Casino to Hopewell...

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Jun 26, 2016 - Oh Canada!

After some time in LLL, lupines, lakes, and lobsters, we are now in Canada. Loved the roads in New Brunswick after the rough state roads in Maine. Loved Maine and all of the beautiful scenery. Sunrise over Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain was awesome even considering the 0300 wake up call. Today we enjoyed a late wake(I.e. sleeping in) then our usual Sunday AM at Starbucks, then the Ribfest in downtown Moncton, and a trip to shores of Fundy Bay at Hopewell Rocks. The Tide swings about 35 ft and we were there at high tide. Tomorrow we go at...

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Sep 16, 2015 - Scorpions & Queensryche Concert in Moncton, N.B.

Just a 3 hour drive to see two more bands that we like; Scorpions and Queensryche. We stayed at Howard Johnson Inn. We ate at Jungle Jims before the show and weren't surprised to see several other of our Halifax friends at the concert; Eddie being in the front row along with us of course. I ended up catching a drum stick and gave it to Eddie for his never ending collection of memorabilia. Awesome show!

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Trip Journal

Living the Dream

Aug 26, 2015 - Moncton

Today was a small day, driving from Edmundston to Moncton, about a four hour drive along the Trans Canada Hwy. We are hoping to visit friend David, from our university days. Glenna found the nicest campground in the area, Campers City a park very close to Moncton. It’s a gated park, with quite a few transient sites. We have a pull-through with 30 amp electrical/sewer/water. The site is pretty, well let’s say plain Jane, but we have clear view of the sky so I am looking forward to another Blue Jay game. We had a delicious meal and wonderful...

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Jun 8, 2015 - Nova Scotia

June 7th: This morning was a church visit for many. In most of the villages we've stayed in there have been almost every denomination available for worship. After church we decided to make our first stop Digby, known as the "Scallop" capitol of the world. Digby is also home to the Mi'kmaq (sounds like Micmac) Indians since the beginning of time. Most of us had a scallop lunch at a local waterfront restaurant, enjoying a great view of the wharf and the scallop boats. Visited a few shops on main street, still not quite the tourist season, but...

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Jun 5, 2015 - Fundy National Park

June 4th: Busy day, several of the group went to see the Tidal Bore in better weather than we did. Several did errands and Ken, Karen, Linda, Gerry and I decided to go to the Fundy National Park. Ken and Karen took one route while we took the opposite road. Big mistake for us, the road through the park was being taken up and repaired. A very bumpy dusty ride. Pretty scenery, but unless you were into hiking, not much to see. The road ended at Alma, a quaint fishing village whose main catch is lobster. Between us we had a lobster roll, a full...

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May 22, 2015 - Moncton, New Brunswick - May 2015

When traveling to the Maritimes you have to go through Moncton, New Brunswick. It is a large, modern city. The Riverfront passes by the downtown area. This is the place to hike or bike. Besides 60 km (37 miles) of trails, the Riverfront includes a large sports complex and nice parks. There are many activities and parks for family fun in the summer time. We stayed at the north end of town at the Stonehurst Golf and Trailer Park. We had the best site in the park. The only one with a cement pad. Since there is still some snow on the ground,...

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