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Jun 30, 2015 - Gaspé Peninsula

We spent the day driving along the southern bank of the St. Lawrence River. On the Quebec end, progress was swift on an expressway, and every so often we caught tantalizing glimpses of the blue water. At other times foggy clouds loitered near the shore. Once the road became two lane, we traveled through agricultural land past well kept houses and fields. At one round about everything came to a halt. Wind turbines, generate lots of electricity here and two huge blades were traveling down the road. While the driver slowly wound around the...

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Aug 19, 2010 - Recovery Day

We spent the day recovering from yesterday, doing a few chores, walking along the beach and talking with some english speaking neighbors. Rick found the kite we bought last year in Oregon and we enjoyed flying it on the beach this afternoon. The 4 young boys camped next to us with their parents watched us. Since they only speak French, we had to use hand motions to tell one of them he could fly the kite. He enjoyed it so much we decided to give the kite to him. Luckily our neighbors on the other side of us were watching and did the...

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Aug 17, 2010 - Drive to Sainte Flavie, Quebec

Drove the RV to Sainte, Flavie, Quebec, our home for 3 nights. We knew that Quebec’s main language was French, but expected bilingual signs...EVERYTHING is in French, no English! I haven’t used the little French I know in 6 years and have forgotten most of it. Luckily, some of the words are coming back, but not enough. At the campground I had to find someone who could speak enough English to get us checked in. The campground has a gorgeous view... right on the water. We picked a campsite on the water and pulled in so our windshield is...

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Aug 18, 2008 - 59 St-Damase

I awoke to the sound of rain on the tent; luckily it stopped by the time I took down the tent. The ride started grey, windy, and quite cool. I started the ride with John T. and before too long we met up with Bob. After only about 35km we went into the village of Bic looking for coffee or breakfast and found a small, local café/bar. The eggs Benedictine and café aux lait were superb. The wind was a partial tailwind which helped speed us along to Rimouski and then along the waterfront bike path through Rimouski. The view of the St. Lawrence...

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Jun 28, 2008 - Rimouski Quebec

June 28, Saturday We had a quiet drive today and were amazed at how narrow the farms were along the St. Lawrence River which was very wide and at times hard to see land on the other side. We toured the Pointe-Au-Pere light house, one of the tallest in Canada and also toured a museum that told us about the sinking of the Empress of Ireland where 1,012 people lost their lives.We all went out for Chinese food after the Lighthouse tour and Ed had his cap on his tooth fall off. He did not swallow it though and it is being saved as a trip memento.

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Jul 18, 2007 - Rimouski and Rain

July 18 At the appointed hour (8:15 am) I left with Ron and Anne for the airport to make their 10:00 am flight. The weather was very nice again and I was sure they would have a good flight to Winnipeg via Toronto. The shorter hops, I hoped, would be easier on Anne's back. In the early planning of this trip, I had included a trip around the perimeter of the Gaspe Peninsula. Unfortunately, the weather channel was forecasting heavy clouds, thunderstorms and rain for the next 3 days. On the Gaspe that means fog and severely diminished views so...

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Jul 16, 2004 - Redford Gardens or Jardins de Metis

The Redford Gardens, designed in the style of 19th century collector’s garden are internationally renowned as an outstanding example of horticultural art. They are the fruit of the dedicated and talented work of Elsie Redford, a devoted gardener. Elsie Redford succeeded in shaping an enchanting universe of meandering paths and subtly arranged quiet nooks, tastefully combining fragrances, colours and textures. She became an expert gardener and managed to adapt a number of exotic species to the harsh local conditions, including the rare...

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Jul 15, 2004 - Metis-sur-Mer

We had left Riviere-du-Loop and made our way along the St Lawrence onto the Gaspe Peninsula. The Gaspe Peninsula is 155 miles long and 62-87 miles across and is situated on the Gulf of St Lawrence more or less cut off from the rest of Quebec Province by Lake Metapedia and the Matapedia River. The peninsula has a wild and rugged north coast where the people live in small villages and depend partly on fishing for their livelihood. The south coast is gentler and not so steep and has some farmland as well as the usual timber. Our first stop on...

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