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Jun 21, 2015 - Wild Oak Campgrounds - Richer MB

This morning the girls were a bit later in rising, maybe the beer last night helped them sleep better. Bacon and eggs was on the menu again this morning for breakfast. After all was eaten, dishes done up, everything put back into the CT. We headed to the hot tub for when it opened at 9 AM. Sat in there for and hour, started to look like prunes. lol. Then a quick shower and back to the CT. We packed up everything in to the CT. Unplugged the electrical, put it away. We were mobile shortly after 12 (noon) Checkout time was at 2 PM. It was...

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Jun 20, 2015 - Wild Oak Campgrounds - Richer MB

This morning started early again, the fresh air seems to do that to you. We use the cook stove to cook breakfast on this morning, instead of over the open fire. Bacon and eggs plus Jane had a coffee and I had a tea to drink. The morning was mostly about just relaxing. Just after noon we walked up to the office and paid for our two nights stay. The owners daughter was just getting out of bed. She graduated from grade 12 and was out quite late at her grad party. I understand. When we left the office we did another tour around the...

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Jun 19, 2015 - Wild Oak Campgrounds - Richer MB

Today started off brite and early. Jane had to be at Deer Lodge by 7 AM for her volunteer position. On the way there we swung around and picked up Susie, they volunteer together. I picked them both up shortly after 12 PM, then drove Susie home. Next stop was at Auntie Lumming to visit with Jane's parent in laws for an hour or so. They had arrived from the Philippines about 11:45 PM last night. Then we heading home to get packed. We headed out for the campgrounds about 3 PM. We have the new fridge in the CT and working off the invertor as we...

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May 29, 2015 - Day 8 - Home in Winnipeg MB

We slepted in for a bit. Got up and showered, pack the car and drove back across the street for something to eat. All the pipeline workers are gone to work. No trucks at the motel, the restaurant is quiet. We had eggs, sausages and toast for breakfast. It seems to be a retired crowd in here now, all seniors. So we fit right in. lol. The distance to Winnipeg is 803 Km or 7 hours 52 minutes. So we best be off. We continue on 15 until we reach 11, then we headed down to Regina. Once in Regina, we had made a full circle from when we left eight...

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Jul 25, 2010 - the Manitoba Mystique

You’re going where? Tell someone in Canada that you’re going to Manitoba and you get the same reaction you get in the States if you tell someone you’re going to North Dakota. They look at you with mild curiosity and ask “Do you have relatives there?” As if that were the only reason anyone would go to Manitoba. It’s strange because Canadians often drive across their own country and it you want to get from coast to coast in Canada you’re going to have to go through Manitoba sometime. It sits smack in the middle of the country and you can’t...

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2010 Race 2 Finish

Jul 20, 2010 - Wild Oak Campgrounds - Richer, Manitoba

Here it is a Friday evening, July 17Th and not a thing to do. Just on the spur of the moment, I looked on the internet for local camping sites, made a few phone calls then headed out the door for the Wild Oak Campgrounds which is located a few kilometers North of Richer, Manitoba. Approximate 1.5 hour drive from my place. I arrived there at approximately 8 PM. By then it was full with only the overflow area set up to take campers of my size. I understand from other campers that the campgrounds was once a gravel pit. The owners purchased the...

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