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Feb 21, 2017 - Last Day

We went to the Parks Canada Interpretive Center where we had an interesting presentation about the wildlife in the area, watched a film about the park and had a discussion about the impact of climate change on this sub arctic area. Departure from Churchill was moved up a bit so we could get out before the blizzard hit later that evening. We flew to Winnipeg to overnight and then on to home via Chicago. It was a wonderful trip and we were very fortunate to have a spectacular aurora display.

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Feb 19, 2017 - Churchill -Day 4

Success!! Last night the sky suddenly cleared and filled with stars and we had a spectacular aurora display. The sky literally danced and pulsed with the beautiful colors of the northern lights. Pictures cannot capture the magnitude of the display but are attached nevertheless. Most were shot between 2 and 3 a.m. and are 15 to 20 second exposures. We slept in quite late, had lunch and then headed out for dog sledding. We learned alot about the dogs, got to visit them in their kennel and then took off on a one mile run on the sled. The dogs...

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Feb 18, 2017 - Churchill Day 3

Argh! Snow, wind, clouds - no stars, no aurora. The aurora app showed a strong aurora right above us but the clouds were so low that we couldn’t see anything. The aurora actually occurs about 50 miles up so you need a clear night to see the display. Forecast looks better for tonight and tomorrow night so at least we have two more opportunities to view the aurora. Today we went snowshoeing about 1.7 miles through absolutely pristine boreal forest. Four of us and an armed guide climbed a small hill where we had a beautiful view of both the...

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Feb 17, 2017 - Churchill - Day 2

Last night we were out in the tundra buggy from 9 p.m. until about 2 a.m. The buggy took us across the frozen Churchill River to a remote spot away from any light pollution to view the aurora borealis. Unfortunately, the aurora did not cooperate and with the clouds we saw neither aurora or stars. This morning we saw a little more of the town and then drove to the bear jail where bears who are caught in the town are held in isolation for 30 days before the are released some 30 miles away. Then we continued along the edge of the bay about 15...

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Feb 16, 2017 - Churchill

We arrived in Churchill right on time and in the middle of a heat wave, it's about 10 degrees. After a driving tour of the town we visited the multi-purpose municipal building. For a town of about 800 it is spectacular. It houses the library, the school, a full size hockey rink, gym, a curling facility, swimming pool and much more. In the afternoon we went to a photo workshop to prepare for winter photography out on the tundra. Lunch and dinner were at the best restaurant in town, there are three but two are closed so the one that's open...

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Feb 16, 2017 - Train to Churchill

We boarded our train around noon on Tuesday and won't arrive in Churchill until 9am on Thursday. Our small compartment is about 7' x 7' with chairs during the day and then converts to bunk beds in the evening. Hard to say exactly how many people are on the train but certainly no more than 50 or so. We travelled for miles and miles through the plains North of Winnipeg and then finally entered the boreal forest overnight while we slept. No internet and only occasional cell phone coverage so lots of reading and watching the landscape scroll by...

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Nov 14, 2015 - Day 5 - Last Day in Churchill

11/14 Last day here, much of the morning spent doing jigsaw puzzle while the staff dealt with another pesky mom and her cub outside the Center. Then after packing we headed to town for a walk about as well as a tour of the Eskimo Museum. Both the museum and the Info Center at the railroad station were very instructive, I highly recommend spending much more time than the 1 1/2 hours we had for them. Back to the Center by 4:30, more jigsawing, an early supper and off to the rail station.  A full train with over 200 kids in addition to...

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Nov 13, 2015 - Day 4 in Churchill

11/13 Those who went out to photo the 'lights' said it was not so spectacular to the naked eye but the cameras captured a lot more of the color...what's with that? Friday the 13th was good for me. Another day when the group split up into tundra buggy folk(our roommates,  Jerry & Sandra), dog sledders,  and the rest of us. We took the bus about 45 min. out seeing zero until we came upon an invisibleness of ptarmagin,  7 of them corrousing in the middle of the road!  Great! At this point we turned around and headed back to the Center. A pit...

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Nov 12, 2015 - Day 3 in Churchill

11/12   Up for pancakes and eggs...found the exercise room so finally able to do my morning stretches.  Sitting most of the time (train,bus,listening sessions)  really does a number on my body! Lots of stiff, creaky joints. Bus to see remains of space scam and see pulses. Today most of group is going on tundra buggy ride or dog sledding. We not. Had our best close encounter with a bear (see photos) and two red fox sightings were exciting all before lunch. Also visited the Sayisi Dene memorial to commemorate the genocide of this tribe by...

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Nov 11, 2015 - Day 2 in Churchill

11/11 More communal chatting among group members...very enlightening.  I overheard several men talking politics, commenting on candidates.  One saying Rubio was getting a lot of attention but he still hoped Bush would get the nomination since he had a lot of money! Again, I just cannot fathom where their brains configure the state of our world and the civilization we humans have created.  The only conclusion I can come to is that their vision of where earth is at only includes a perception that humans have some kind of control over their...

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Nov 10, 2015 - Arrive in Churchill

11/10 Tomorrow is TODAY!   Up at 6:30, boreal forest (mostly black & white spruce) is seemingly a lot sparcer but on closer inspection the trees are much shorter yet just as old.  On bus to the center we saw a red fox and a mom bear & her cub. Arrived at 10am via school bus...windows fogged/frosted so couldn't get any photos...later I hope plus it was overcast, low light which didn't help. Spent next 2 hours in orientation/bear safety and checking into room. About 1:15 we piled into the school bus and headed out to see BEARS and other...

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Oct 8, 2014 - Polar Bears

In the ideal world I would have kept the journal uptodate with entries everyday. But this was a work trip. Many of you think that when we are off on a Fantasy Trip we are just all fun and games. Actually it is a lot of work and we have not time to ourselves at all. Now the trip is over and I can update the journal. So I am going to put all the 14 day Polar Bear Trip into this one entry. I took about a thousand pictures and I am only showing you a few of them because the wifi here is slow. We met our customers in the Peace Gardens. Which...

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