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Jul 16, 2012 - Beausejour

Day Twenty-five – July 16 Beausejour 161k It was birthday day. Today I am 60 years old. I didn’t tell anyone in camp except for Obo. I had told him a few days ago. He’s not much for birthdays so he forgot it was my birthday when he got up. He got up after I did. Today I was on cook crew and wanted to get an early start so that I would be in camp at Beausejour by 4pm. The cook crew had started breakfast early so I had a couple pieces of French toast. Then Obo and I went to the local Tim Horton’s and had breakfast. We were on the road out of...

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Checking the ditches

Jul 18, 2011 - Portage la Praire - Beausejour

July 18 – Day 26 – Portage to Beausejour K’s 161 k Time 6h 22 m Average speed: 25.20 k/H T to d 2621k After helping to load the truck I was about to ride out when a strange sound came from the rear of my bike. Another flat and a bit of a delay to get the tube changed. Same tire so began to wonder if there was a tire problem but full inspection did not turn up any issue. So after the change off we went and got out toward Poplar Point and another flat. Dam, 3 in two days was a bit much but in went another tube; off we went. Again the day...

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Jul 16, 2008 - 26 Beausejour MB

We were still on galley duty this morning. Aborted apple fritter mix (no baking powder) from desert last night was added to the pancake mix this morning. Apple pancakes were great. As a galley crew member I again volunteered to sweep for the day. Rain gear decisions were the topic of discussion before we left. It turns out I should have taken more because my assumption that it was warm enough to not really matter turned out to be not quite 100% correct. There was some drizzle during the 1st 50 km, but the real issue was the headwinds. We...

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Jul 20, 2006 - Day 27 Portage La Prairie to Beausejour

DAY 27 PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE TO BEAUSEJOUR DISTANCE TRAVELLED 159.77 km RUNNING TIME 6 hrs 29 mins AVERAGE SPEED 24.6 km/hr DISTANCE PLANNED 157 KMS TOTAL TIME 9 hrs 05 mins Another nice day - sunny with a start of 18 degrees and getting to high of about 32. Had two options today - go through Winnipeg or go north through Lower Fort Gary. Both routes about the same distance. Everyone choice to avoid the heavy traffic of Winnipeg and do a tour of Historic Lower Fort Gary. Continued on the secondary roads - hwy 26 , 67 & then 44 into...

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Aug 23, 2005 - Kira from Manitoba

Yo, It's Kira now in Manitoba!! Last night we stayed in Spruce woods campground Yesterday me and my mom went on an almost moon light hike. Yup! It took a long time and we got lost, well at least for a little while!! There were huge sand dunes we had to walk through sand ever step of the way! It was a really hard hike!! Well anyway still not much to see here in Manitoba, well at least not yet!!! Now I know why Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the bread basket provinces! Although some of the cool things we have seen are fields and...

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Jul 21, 2005 - Portage to Winnipeg, Beausejour - 161 km

5am and there goes the alarm. Time to don long sleeves (mosquitoes), strike the tent, hammer down some brekky and hit the road for the big lights of Winnipeg. We managed to get out the door well before 7am, which was all for naught because we stopped for a coffee and a laugh at good ol' Tim Hortons. Michel complained about slapping himself constantly in his battle against the mozzies. When someone equated his actions to Buckwheat Zydeco, old Jim almost choked on his coffee laughing. We loaded onto the highway in our biggest convoy yet - a...

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