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Sep 16, 2010 - Boa Vista

In Manaus, the city bus to long distance bus terminal was easy after asking at least 6 different people (of course, no Portuguese involved, just our usual written/hand motion communications, ha) and getting 6 different answers. Finally, a fellow running a small vending stand (lots of 'em here!) basically flagged one for us and half hour later we were at station an hour early! We always try to take the buses when possible even tho it gets pretty involved and we sometimes end up taking lots longer, but the cost is significantly less i.e. here...

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South America Plus

Feb 22, 2007 - Amazon

I don't even know where to start with the Amazon...there were 30 of us on a river boat, and we all got along so well, the other boat of 30 not so much, you could definitely tell they all formed little groups of people. We all bonded pretty quickly and our boat at 2 professors and a 75 year old Life Long Learner...just imagine Grandma Ella on a boat with a bunch of college kids in the middle of the jungle...she was a riot - everyone loved her! And our guides were great and we got a long with them great and even our Portuguese only speaking...

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Feb 12, 2007 - Boa Vista, Brazil.

At first, we wondered how Boa Vista got its name - "Good View"! Were we in the right place?! Boa Vista is a planned city with a semi-circular layout on the banks of the Rio Blanco ... designed apparently in the same fashion as Paris! They obviously had great ambitions for the town when it was built, but for 2 backpackers with no car, it just seemed really sprawled out with no atmosphere. We didn't feel any better when we asked a young local guy for directions to our hotel. He looked at us incredulously and said: "in Brazil, we have many...

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