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Feb 22, 2005 - Praia da Pipa

Before I tell you about where we are now, I have to recount my version of the vomitorium/catamaran ride yesterday and how we have arrived here at Praia da Pipa, which is about an hour and a half south of the city of Natal. Just so you know, we have JUST NOW stopped travelling, 28 hours later!! Morro de Sao Paolo was great...basically just a little beach town on an island south of Salvador. We travelled with Fabrizio, whom we met our first night in Salvador. We all shared a room and had tons of fun teaching him some English slang words such...

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Where's Mojo?

Jan 29, 2005 - Natal

We'd been warned about driving in Brazil at night, although we'd presumed because of car-jacks, hold-ups, etc. No, the simple reason is that Brazilians compare with the Greeks for driving like nutters... more so at night! For some reason they believe that shining their full beam in your eyes just as you pass is a pleasant experience. We intended to reach Natal before nightfall but as the light faded, and the signpost indicated another 150km, we'd knew we'd have to experience the feeling of being blinded while trying to keep our ickle Corsa...

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Nov 8, 2004 - Magic Bus

So, that wasn´t as bad as I thought. Pretty sure I hadn´t been on a bus for more than a half hour since our eighth grade trip to Colonial Willamsburg, and with that in mind, I headed out on a 21 hour trip to Natal. It was a pretty sweet ride, with reclining seats, TV and all, and the novelty didn´t wear off until well after the first hour, at which point the Ambien kicked in (thanks Shelley!! those little things are like gold). The rough part with long bus rides I now realize is that when you wake along with the sunrise thinking "it...

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